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Breaking news alerts - GREAT... But everything else....


Most of the mainstream media is biased. That is a given. But CNN's finances must be hurting very badly for it to be SO ONE-SIDED. I am not just referring to political crap, but any story on CNN appears to be bought and paid for by the current administration or an "interest group". Anyone that is TRUELY for this country should be able to see for themselves what is going on in this country, but some only believe what is presented to them without a thought of their own. We as "customers" of CNN deserve better reporting than what you have been providing. ONE STAR is as low as they allow. I used to watch CNN all the time as my news source. I am sorry to say, I no longer can.



Wow a lot of stuff about the bias at CNN which is easy less than other places. No posts what these Alt-right wackos are thinking but yeah... It's CNN. Not MSNBC or FOX. It's like the real news... Just saying...

Liberal media with a twist

Informed American Tax Payer

This app and this organization is clearly bias towards the liberal democratic side of things. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it's true. So if you are looking for impartial news that simply presents the facts for the readers discernment...this is not the place to look. However, I do enjoy the application from the standpoint of seeing multiple sides of the same story. Also try Fox News for the opposing conservative spin, and bbc or AP for some world news. Msncb isn't even worth your time tho, completely garbage.


SD Cleo girl

I am so tired of tuning in this channel and always seeing crap on politics. Where is the world news and what's happening in this country? Too much, too early. And seems to really be leaning right. Sick and tired of Trump!!! You and the other media channels have helped raise this horrible man to where he is today! As Trump indicated in an interview around convention time, he was going to keep getting lots of coverage so he didn't need to pay for tv commercials. He's right! Shame on you. I can't watch you too often anymore unless I see your coverage lean more towards a woman who has it all going for her. You are NOT defending her or this country!! If she doesn't win, the burden of guilt falls on all of you! We trusted you and all you care about are rating!!

Medical Coverage


This non-stop medical coverage of the candidates is exceedingly boring I have turned off my television until you and this idiocy

Review of CNN


I have to say we were avid CNN viewers - but that has changed. I am so over CNN's constant commentary on the election. Is there nothing else going on in the world? Plus i have become so nauseated by CNN taking statements & words out of context & then fixating on them. I am not necessarily a Hillary supporter but there was so much more to what she said when discussing 'deplorable' Trump voters and somehow that is left out of your commentary. Plus who cares what Trump said about the Iraq war 14 years ago? According to Don Lemon he should have said 'I guess I was against it', and somehow that has meaning today?! You guys have alienated this house.. Becoming such a one horse pony.. Albeit I do like the App - just not the Network.

Too Much Video


I like the app and news alerts. I don't like the audio/video that pops up when I check a news alert and I have to close it to keep from disturbing everyone around me. I would rather be able to read it.

The BEST App EVER!!!


I so enjoy this app and all the notifications. THANKU

Both Dems & Reps say it's biased - ,m CNN must be doing something right


I love this app! There were times when I am sick, and can't get to a television for some reason but still want to stay in touch with what's going on. This app allows me to do so. No, I don't get full news such as I would my reading a newspaper, but this keeps me up… Pretty much, anyway… with what's going on.

Too Bad There's Isn't A 'No Star' Rating


CNN has been the worst for politics. Their talking heads are morons. I just couldn't stomach their bias anymore and quit watching them.