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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Bad app


The “new” app is a huge step backwards, a shame since CNN is now a great source of news with unusable app!

Quick Reliable News


Every news source is slightly biased, but the one thing I like about CNN is how quickly it delivers on headlines. It's probably one of the best networks when it comes to presenting the news as it begins to unfold.

Picture in Picture does not work


Trying to use Picture in Picture feature on the iPad Pro but this does not work - video always freezes when minimized

Horrible, wicked, Fake News company


CNN blackmailed a 15-year-old, after being caught LYING with the Russia connection in the presidential election. A truly awful company that needs to go bankrupt and cease to exist. The 4.7 star rating it currently has is fake too!

Headlines aren’t kept current


This app doesn’t stay current with breaking news. Many times it is not updated for 24 hours. Frustrating and disappointing.

A Disappointment for anything other than live tv

The Black Napkins

Shows not available on mobile devices and it makes me reauthorize all the time. On the Apple TV i have to log in every time I try to watch! A real disappointment.

Slanted info


CNN went down the tubes some time ago. Not worth watching as they selectively show only their agenda. Even as a democrat, no real information comes through. Pity



Have latest version of both OS and app for IPhone. App crashes locks up and freezes every minute or so. Have been intermittent problems over last few updates. Not the app is pretty much unusable. I used to love this app. Not interested in cashing it, hope to let them know so the app can get fixed.

Great new app


Very fast and clean interface. Easy to use and the news is always up to date and relevant



CNN this app could be great. Too touchy hard to watch live