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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Ok...local news channels have more robust sites. Could use a makeover


Slooooooow load Can't take it anymore. Just did the new iOS 10 App update and still super slow. Love the app format from 2 years ago. Was quick and organized wonderfully. This version just kills me. I'm embarrassed for CNN on this one.

Biased reporting


Not really liking either candidate this election cycle, I must admit to being confused by CNN. They do not offer an unbiased reporting of news, rather they seem to be a paid arm of the Clinton campaign. Every article about Clinton, even if about something negative to her campaign; seems to offer a "but it's not her fault" ending. While not a single article about trump has any positive note. I thought a news site was to be impartial. Not true with CNN. I haven't decided how to vote, but CNN's over the top showing of their candidate makes me wonder if trump isn't getting fair treatment. A news should report the news, not put their spin I it

Opinions have no place with headlines

Shawn Slater

Your organization misleads Americans by mixing opinions with actual news. Your articles that are not classified as opinion are politically biased, misleading, and non credible. Your articles seem more like smear ads than news.

Bias Reporting!


CNN is clearly bias. Deleting app!

Bunch of leftist hacks


Seriously, it seemed like CNN was trying to be balanced, but now it's the Hillary Clinton cheerleader 24/7. Just stop.

All the News


Like the breaking news updates.

Cnn no longer objective


I cannot watch CNN anymore as they are so pro Trump and anti Clinton. They no longer bring an objective opinion and deliver the news. Their coverage of Trump 24/7 is ridiculous. Wolf Blitzer is so obviously anti Clinton. He is so argumentative w those he interviews that I refuse to watch him. I hope Cnn can get back to its roots someday.

Freakin Awesome!!!!


I love this app! Also the James Earl Jones CNN intro is freaking awesome! Nice touch! Good job CNN!

An excellent television broadcaster but...

Doctor Poppy

Why so anti Trump and insanely pro Hilary Clinton.

CNN is not news


CNN doesn't even try very hard to cover its bias. It has fully earned the label Clinton News Network.