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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Delay in news


CNN is consistently slow in reporting the latest news. My local tv station app is always before CNN in breaking news. New app is terrible.

Chris Cuomo

Bruce Hager

Thank you for being bright, incisive, tenacious, and edgy during these parlous political times.

Trusted news source


No matter where in the world I go, I turn to CNN International for real news, from the worlds best reporters and anchors and the global reach that only CNN can offer. CNN is dependable. Thanks to everyone @ CNN.

In-depth reporting


I view multiple new sources to make sure I’m getting the real story. CNN peels back the layers to provide the entire story. You should never rely on only one new source to get your information.


Beach my

App does nothing but hang.

Reporter covering the tax bill on the Wolf Blitzer show


I wish I caught this guy’s name, he did an awesome job of summarizing the tax bill and explaining it in detail but understood!

Significantly Worse — Why?!


CNN, your app “upgrade” is worse in every way. I get it that you want to showcase video, but you have dumbed down the app, instead of adding more features and control, and made it harder for news lovers to find the news they want. Your advertising system is buggy and freezes on ads. Fail. Actually, you should learn from the New York Times and give your viewership a way to give meaningful feedback. You are devolving not evolving, even though you have plenty of good content.

Forced to download new app


Why am I forced to download the new version when all I want to do is read an article. I don’t have time to wait for the download. Gotta go. Guess I really don’t need CNN for anything



DELETED! Sick of the Fake news. Whoever is president deal with it. Just like all the Americans that didn’t vote for Obama, they dealt with it. CNN takes every opportunity to report the downfalls of our current president. The current president isn’t perfect but no is unless you’re god. That’s CNN’s whole show 24/7 what our current president has done wrong. Whatever happened to reporting the news and keeping personal feelings out of it? Stupid question, CNN is bought and paid for by a certain government committee and officials.


Frankly honest

Very very one sided. Agenda driven. Not balanced at all.