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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.



This is Clinton's National News Network. Very poor on reporting the full story. It is like the National Enquirer only more deplorable. Like a hangover, I just want it to go away......

Too many videos


Too many stories are video only. If video exists, great but please provide text also for those that prefer reading news.

Obnoxious, Intrusive Advertising


I'd like this app, except it almost constantly redirects me to intrusive advertising on the Safari browser. It's difficult to read a whole news story on this app without having to come back to CNN's app from Safari, following another redirect. For this very annoying reason, the app gets a one star rating.



Great App

Clinton News Network


The most BIASED news program on TV. Can't watch it anymore. Clearly they will do whatever it takes for Clinton to win. Fox News is the channel to watch. Unbiased and FAIR!!

Bad app

Michael Wasserman

Every time i open Video, the video picture was frozen. Please fix the bug as soon as quickly. Dont delay it

Biased news not for me

Gadget 17392

Finally deleted this app because I am tired of one sided views and little meaningful news

Not news

Citizen 13

Sad to see a national program reporting their own political agenda instead of the news.



Great on the go live news

Very Biased in a general sense


It just seems if you really focus and watch CNN closely you can easily see how misleading they are in their stories. I am basing this on the election but it is frustrating to see I won't get fair news on certain events. Be neutral and you will discover just what I am saying. I do like AC.