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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Best Network


CNN has no equal for me, the news , the analysis , the many various programs , the events coverage CNN is b my best Network

Real News


I visited CNN in Atlanta and I knew they were real. They support the truth. I can give real examples of biased news.

Where is the podcast player in the app?

TidalNeeds Help

Where is the podcast player in the app? But thank you for great news and a great app!

Love CNN


I love CNN .... REAL NEWS for people who belief in Truth.

Battery killer


Battery usage list shows CNN app running in background. Cannot stop it with normal controls.

My go to news site!


Never disappoints!

New version of app is rubbish


Stop treating us like we’re 5 year-olds! Big pretty pictures, lots of videos, fewer stories. Some of us actually can read, like to scan multiple stores, and don’t need our news in picture form. Go back to old format where there were more than a few stories on one screen. A terrible dumbing-down of the app.



CNN is in my opinion is the most reliable news reporting station on nationwide television. They dig deep for the nuggets of truth but unfortunately now we live in a society that rejects the truth and buy into LIED 😩😩😩 !!!

Fake news. Don’t download.


CNN has been extremely biased for many years, but this year, they have done nothing but bash President Trump. Just report the news, and leave your soap boxes at home. On a side note, there sure are a lot of blind users who think CNN is fair? Don’t make me laugh.

Great App and Coverage


Part of my daily check in several times each day for the most current and unbiased news from a team of courageous journalists and insightful analysts. Jim Acosta’s coverage of the White House is exceptional — always asking the hard questions. CNN clearly works hard to shine a light on truth in many diverse stories and the breadth of their coverage around the world is amazing.