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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.


Attention disrupter

CNN is a great news organization and I have enjoyed reading your editorials for many years. Keep up the good work.



Just as a young kid I am able to realize that CNN is fake news!

Blaring videos start on their own

NASA dude

I deleted this App. If you bring it up, inevitably a super loud video will start at the most inappropriate time as you are scrolling through story titles. I know they want to push their content but they pushed me away too.

As expected TOTALLY BIAS


Yellow journalism at its worst. They make totally bogus stories about trump and are trying to brainwash people into thinking that socialism is the answer

Really slow and not quickly controllable


New much slower to respond. Also, it seems that there is less control moving between subject matter. There are less categories to chose from and items are not updated very often. I hope this app is fixed.

The war at home


Political views at home are opposite. I’m Team CNN, MSNBC & he is team (ugh) Fox News 😞. I cant stand to see or hear one second of Fox News. He does not want me to watch CNN. Luckily I have CNN app on my phone & can watch live. We started as both voting for Obama but he changed. I’m still Team Obama but he is now Team (ugh) Trump. Sometimes change is not good. 😞 Some of the pro Trump people I see on CNN really get on my nerves. I don’t know his name but one Weasley guy who was harassing Anna Navarro recently was very annoying. Send him to Fox. Yuk. ShacaWe


Bugsbull 44

The Best news network, first class programing with very professional people on and off the air. CNN reports the news with facts and it's not fake news some people can't handle the truth...

Works well.


This app does better for live streaming than most of the other network apps. I do not remember a time where the video has frozen.

Latest version does not move/work


Open the app, see some story tiles but the app is frozen

One sided

master plan 1

I would like to give cnn negative stars if. CNN would love for America to go down the toilet with all the false news. They are truly pathetic. If your Muslim you'll love them. I don't know how it received 4.5 stars, must be fake by reading all the reviews. Definitely CNN hates America. Truly fake news and fake ratings.