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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Great App


The app has really good functionality. Easy to navigate.



It's the place where I go for the news. Although I do feel that they as well as other news stations gave Donald Trump to much attention there for creating the Monster amount us now.

Used to be good but each version just gets worse


Wow - unfortunately this app just keeps getting worse with every release. I used to be such a fan but now the videos rarely match the headline or the written content. Many of the "Related" links within a news story do not function at all. Equally frustrating is the relentlessly repetitive advertising which unfortunately is the only content that reliably plays. After six years it's definitely time to find a new news app. I recommend BBC News.

Too many vids, too few articles

TTL Killer

If I want to see a clip, I'll go to YouTube. I expect to find actual news articles on this app. Sorely disappointed.

App quality is as bad as CNN news coverage


App is slow. Doesn't refresh. Often crashes, also not a fan of the Clinton News Network

Good app


Good app.



Best news app!!!

Good apps !!


Good news apps?

Good news source


Quick and easy news stories but too often I click on a story and get a blank screen or a video that takes forever to get to the actual story - waisted time

Good app


Makes a good summary of available CNN headlines and stories. Those who don't like the content should just go elsewhere instead of trashing an app that works as expected for delivering that content.