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I love cnn

Soledad Phelps

Lemon and cooper ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you guys are just amazing thank you .. Lemon I send you my love and condolences stay strong!

Blatant lies and brainwashing


Another Update: as the market corrected and lost ~1,000 points(down just 4%), CNN had wall to wall coverage blaming Trump for the drop. The next day, the market recovered at +600 points. There wasn’t one mention of this on CNN. FAKE NEWS at its finest. CNN is nothing more than a wing of the DNC, constant Trump bashing and hating. Those saying CNN is balance likely have a severe case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) Update to my original review: it's become quite clear that CNN is actively trying to undermine the president and they are hurting the American people with their lies and propaganda. Original review: CNN has become a corrupt news network that spreads lies. They constantly race bait and contribute to the division of the country. Stay away at all cost. You will be heavily misinformed if you trust CNN. . Everyone I know who use to watch CNN no longer trust them. They are a joke Edit: CNN has gotten even more insane. They constantly push the fake Russian narrative and ignore any positive news coming from the Trump administration. Both the DOW and S&P reached all time record highs and it wasn't even covered. Just more Russia BS.

Ads 🤮

Industrial Emgineer

Every story starts with an ad. There are other news apps.

Ad before each video? Delete


I don’t need an app. I can watch CNN on YouTube if I’m going to sit thru an ad before each video.



Full of bias, and absolute garbage fake news! Fake, Fake, Fake. Left propaganda all day long, 24/7. There are COUNTLESS examples of fake news, where to begin! Your audiences are a bunch of mindless lemmings following you off a cliff. You are the definition of corruption!

CNN doesn’t work with Chromecast


Other cable channels are Chromecast ready. Why not CNN? All the others are up to date with technology. CNN should be too.

Instantly crashed for me.

Asa Burns

Doesn’t really work.



The best in news

Great app. Great news service.

Sasquatch Kenny

I thought I should rate one of the apps and news sources that I regularly depend on for accurate news. And I also wanted to rate this to balance out all the negative reviews. It’s amazing how many of the one star reviews say that they use Fox News instead of CNN. Fox - an organization that had to label itself an “entertainment” station because of their biased and inaccurate stories. That’s not news. It’s propaganda. Now more than ever the American people need to stay informed. Read a number of sources. Stay vigilant. Investigate. Question. Be vocal. There’s no better place to start than with CNN.

Awesome news source


Just a simple yet effective news source.