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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.



Great new app!!

New version of this app


I got this app so I could READ the news. If I wanted to watch it on TV I would. The new update is not conducive to READING. Your app keep pushing pop ups to LIVE TV. And I have to keep putting the read more options. You have a section on the app for watching LIVE. Leave the part that is for reading for READING. This is very bothersome. If you can leave the reading part fir reading. I will just have to stop using this app.

Difficult to use


The app is hard to use. No search bar (if there is one it isn’t easy enough to find). If you click a notification, it brings you to the article, but if you accidentally click another one you cannot navigate back. You also cannot click the notification again because it disappears from your past notifications on your phone. And, like I mentioned before, you can’t search for the article. Overall, the app looks nice, but is not functional enough. I need a news app I can search for the things I want to read.

CNN (Clinton News Network)

Mr. & Mrs. Deplorable

Fake News Fake News Fake News Fake News Fake News ad nauseam ...


Big Mike1976

Is the most honest and best news information you can get very reliable thank you yes I love CNN i watch CNN all day everyday

What happened?


Pretty sure the just eliminated the live feed, which is all I used the app for.

One of the best.


Over the years I’ve always liked CNN. They report the news with courage and honesty. Their journalists are some of the best around.

Love the app, but....


Alerts sometimes are not posted on app. Just got one on Hope Hicks. Went to site. Wasn't there.

Needs search option


Would like to have a search option for videos and other storyies



Staccato performance