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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Fake News


an embarrassment


Cell 3

Most information you can get. Honest and reliable!!

Love CNN


Love CNN! Always count on honesty and integrity when I have CNN on. It’s my go-to source for the real story on politics - with the knowledge that I’ll be be getting information in its purest form.

CNN App 5 star rating for sure


Much better but keep on innovating - the latest (makeover) is really coo



Reliable sources

Most stable news outlet


Tired of all the FAKE NEWS from the FLAKE network. Want the real truth. Follow CNN not the political nutjobs in Washington DC or their 1% self absorbed wack jobs. Never saw a bigger pack of morons in office than what there is now! Time to VOTE OUT all the unqualified career politicians and demand REAL college degrees for future politicians. VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN THR MIDTERM ELECTIONS. Make America SANE again. BALANCE the federal deficit not the checkbooks of the 1%ers!!!

Decent app, poor administration

USA Fan2014

CNN can’t seem get their push notifications and “breaking news” right. The notifications are slow when they are actually important, and pushes Olympics results to people’s phones before their television broadcast.

Timely and balanced.

Consumer Protection

Provides the news straight up but allows me to choose how much of the arguments and drama I want to watch while getting the news (not much). CNN personalities give their opinions but also can listen to others

The best


Very high definition, well organized, easy to navigate around with different options



Love it , look very hour at work