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Antenna client for reddit is free iOS app published by Alistair Leszkiewicz

Favorite Reddit client, but v.reddit videos handled poorly


As my title states, this is my favorite Reddit client. However, it really needs work with handling v.reddit video posts. If you try to maximize v.reddit videos on your screen, the video goes to black and you can’t see anything. You’re forced to just watch the video on the top 1/3 of the screen, which is obviously an awful user experience. Either that or use a different Reddit client. I would have given this feedback via a separate channel, but I couldn’t find a way to send this feedback to the developer directly. Hence, I had to give it here.

Can’t post anything


The keyboard stays in the way after uploading an image so you can’t confirm a post

New update crashes app


Edit: seems to be working

Loved it but it’s crashing too much these days


Please have some stability updates! And I would like to see messages sent

The best and worst


Antenna has a great interface. Easy to get around, but it crashes ALL THE TIME. I try other reddit apps and keep coming back to this one, but when/if one pops up that works just as well I’m jumping ship.

Confusing ui


I repeatedly lost entire posts during editing ... not recommended.



The app never fails to crash on me at least once a day, usually when I’m trying to Hide Read or simply refresh. Still, this is my favorite Reddit app because of its simple old-Reddit style and helpful swiping navigation. I wish they could fix the crashing though.

My favorite Reddit experience, but buggy now


The best Reddit App I've ever found, but it is getting worse stability.

Best reddit app


The best app on iOS. Yes you heard me correctly, this isn’t just the best reddit app, it’s the best app. The developer has an understanding of UI and UE that is the best I have seen in the industry. Every swipe gesture, every menu item, every design decision the developer made when designing this app was brilliant. It’s fast, it’s intuitive, it’s cohesive, it’s easy to pick up and just start using. Apollo might be the new big thing but this is still the best. I really hope it keeps getting updated and I really hope a tip jar or similar feature is added in the next release. I would love to show my support further than the initial purchase.

A bit unstable


When it works, it works well. However, for the last few updates, it doesn't work well that often. Using it mainly on an IPad Pro, it will crash often, losing its current place on whatever subreddit you were viewing. The latest update has been having issues where it freezes the entire iPad until you force close it. Even trying to get to the home screen with the home button becomes unresponsive. Update: One year later and all of the above issues are still persistent. As long as you are only browsing subreddits without any videos or gifs, you’ll be fine. For the other 99% of Reddit, don’t bother.