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Antenna client for reddit is free iOS app published by Alistair Leszkiewicz

Favorite client, but becoming unusable


App is crashing multiple times a day and comments fail to load often. Certain posts also trigger this, for instance I can completely quit the app but if I reopen and go to the same post it will immediately crash again. I just want to watch the toy train drift but I can't. Needs work asap Update: even after updates it still seems to get worse and worse. There are things I like much more about antenna than other Reddit apps, but obviously the app WORKING comes first and foremost, which this app just doesn't do anymore. Officially done using it and giving it second chances after a good couple years using it after alien blue stopped being supported. On to the next one

Last update broke the app


Can not open subreddits any more. When selecting a subreddit, the front page opens.

Love it but crashes


Crashes on me 10 times a day, other than that it’s a good app.

Great app!


Had to lower my rating because I’ve been having a few problems. 1. Videos uploaded to reddit get played as silent gifs unless I click the “view in safari” option and then I find out it’s a video with sound 2. If the screen rotates into landscape and then back to portrait I’ll lose my spot and get scrolled back up in the listings I’ve been reporting every crash and what not but I’m still having trouble :/ Other than that it’s a great app and it’s my personal favorite to use

Good app, but glitchy when in landscape


Trying to use Antenna on the iPhone X to view gifs and videos while in landscape is impossible. The margins and borders get mashed as the phone rotates.

Finally fixed


I can’t speak for everyone but this app finally feels polished after months of bugs. I’ve been using this app since 2014. I can’t leave.

No longer works after latest update (03/08/18)


Used to be my favorite Reddit browser app. Became very buggy, with pop-ups that something was 'forbidden' or just crashing. Latest update in March has rendered it completely useless. Screen is completely black upon opening the program, rebooting the app and even resetting the phone change nothing.

Multiple subs still appearing


Your newest update says that it fixed double subreddits appearing in users lists. I updated the app and now I have up to five of the same sub listed. This is very cumbersome and I think it may slow down the app as well.

Turns reddit into crashit


Getting to the point that the app is unusable. Right now it will not even open, even after booting phone. Too bad, it’s the best reddit app there is.



Edit: v8.18 complete broke the home page. Very difficult to do anything now. Every touch on the home page takes forever to register- this includes every swipe or press of the screen. There used to be an option to disable 3D Touch that fixed this (why was 3D Touch even an option when it caused massive lag??), but the option to disable appears to have been removed Edit: the latest update has been working pretty well. Comments still get cut off sometimes but not much crashing Used to be amazing but the app is pretty buggy now. Pictures failing to load or Imgur slideshows failing to advance became way too common (iPhone 6+ iOS 9.3.2) Edit: updated to version 8.15. Man this app would be great if every update didn't make it worse. Now I'm getting the bug where all my subs disappear. Never happened before this update. Frustrating because this app has the best UI of all the Reddit apps, and I love the navigation. Edit: updated to 8.15.5. This update has destroyed responsiveness on the main menu/subreddit list. It freezes/lags for multiple seconds now Edit: updated to 8.16 apparently the extreme home screen lag can be turned off by simply disabling Touch ID. Not sure why in it’s enabled by default when it causes such massive lag But now gifs fail to load about 50% of the time. Switching to Apollo