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Antenna client for reddit is free iOS app published by Alistair Leszkiewicz

Won’t open since update


EDIT: Deleted the app then reinstalled, now it works fine. This is my favorite reddit app but since today’s update it opens to the loading/logo screen then repeatedly closes and opens itself. Unusable.

Update broke it


Now fails to open

Reinstalled the app


Noticed the new version is actually buttery smooth. Back to 5 stars.

Latest release breaks app


Love this app but the latest release breaks the app and it won’t load anymore

New update - doesn’t work

Shelly Bueno

Upon updated Antenna no longer opens on either my iPad Air 2 or my iPhone 8+ Very disappointed.

Latest update crashes on start


The latest update freezes on the splash screen and crashes. Workaround: If you delete and reload, it will work.

Stopped working entirely


I open the app, and it won’t even launch any more. It sits at the loading screen for about 10 seconds and then crashes, taking me to my iPhone Home Screen. Very frustrating, as this has been my go-to reddit app for years. Boo.

Crash city


Never had any problems before but this version keeps crashing.

New update unusable


New update is unusable (crashes at the open screen). This app was the best reddit browsing app that I’ve used and has slowly degenerated.

Best reddit app


Edit: nevermind, home screen still lags like crazy New update seems to have fixed the home screen lag. So far, so good The gestures/UI are the best out of every reddit app in the AppStore