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Antenna client for reddit is free iOS app published by Alistair Leszkiewicz

As of January 2020, unusable

Hippo Fat

App does not load

An app so good I no longer use desktop


This is such a good app that it’s now the only way I browse reddit. Reddit’s own app does not compare to this at all. This is the clear winner

Best again


Thank you for fixing all bugs I think this is the best reddit app

The BEST reddit app


It’s really hard to go back after using this app. I’ve been using it for years and the dev just gets what power users want.

What happened


Definitely my favorite reddit app, but is constantly crashing or not even opening anymore.

Gotta go


Not willing to wait any longer for them to fix the glitches. See ya’.



Used to love this app. Always crashes. This is the third time I’ve uninstalled and installed the app.

Crash and burn


Whatever update they just released is a disaster. Takes forever to load and crashes two or three times before I can get to Reddit. It crashes literally every time you switch apps. Follow a link and it is at least a minute to get back to where you were. It is completely unusable.

RIP amrc


I finally made the switch to another reddit client (Apollo: I did not like it upon its initial release, but now it seems the better option of Antenna and the Reddit app). Antenna, even with all its bugginess, has been acceptable for the past couple of years. Unfortunately, with the latest update, the app crashes when opened, and has to be reopened to be prompted with a box to “send report,” where you’re also given the option to “always send [report]”. The latter option doesn’t even work, which leads me to believe that no reports are ever sent. Subreddits that I have already seen no longer show up purple, which makes it impossible to see new posts. I have been loyal until now, but this was the breaking point. Long live amrc



The app was crashing and taking a long time to load, but after deleting and reinstalling it is working like it did before. Thanks!

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