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Antenna client for reddit is free iOS app published by Alistair Leszkiewicz

Doesn’t work


As of August 7th update, app won’t open. I’ve used it for over 2 years, now I am back to Alien Blue.

Wish i could leave no stars


Crashes on startup. Having to delete and reinstall means you lose years of filters you have set up. Dev doesn't care.



I’ve used this app for 2+ years. I don’t know if the devs are oblivious to the application not opening after update. Uninstalling and reinstalling fixes the issue.

Doesn’t work as of 8/16/2018


Please fix your app!

Used to work


I used this app daily. There have always been bugs, but they were small annoyances. A recent update caused it to stop loading up at all. It would just crash on the loading screen. Tried to uninstall, then reinstall and sure enough it worked! ... for a few days... Then the cycle repeated itself. Worked, then didn’t. So here I am, on my third installation in about a week. Sadly, I think the development of this app has taken a turn for the worse and I will no longer be using it. A real shame, but in the mean time Reddit for mobile devices is much better than it used to be.

Like it despite issues


It has some issues but i prefer the swiping in this app

My favorite Reddit app has stopped working


This was my favorite Reddit app but has gone downhill recently. Videos and gifs take forever to load, many links don't work properly, and the new update has rendered the app useless. It just crashes every time I try to open it. Please make the app work again!!!

Appreciate the parent comment update


Newest update allows “skip” option to next parent comment within a post. It’s great. There’s also the feature to now check the next post in line when in a post already. Have been using Antenna during the early AMRC days, I love this app so much. EDIT 8/20/18. app no longer works.

When is the next update?


When is the next update? The app doesn’t open anymore. I really do like this app.

Used to be great. Now it’s awful.


It’s slow and laggy. Used to be great. Now I sit there for 20 seconds while the app boots up, posts take forever to load, even hiding comments lags. Just revert this back to what it was because it’s complete garbage now.