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Antenna client for reddit is free iOS app published by Alistair Leszkiewicz

Hands down the best Reddit client


[update 2] still the best Reddit app. The UI is so intuitive and consistent that the other competing apps feel cumbersome. In antenna everything is a swipe or long press, so your not hunting for little apps to touch. Really smooth. And as I'm testing the betas, I hadn't had a crash in months. Check it out! [update] Still the best. Once you get used to the UI, everything else feels clumsy. The navigation is so smooth and well thought out. I will try some of the others every now and then, just to make sure I'm not missing some improvements, and always find myself back with antenna.

Crashes a bit but I wish it had one feature


I would love a way to jump to a starting letter when scrolling through the subscriptions list.

Overall good.


I enjoy this app the best out of all reddit apps. Easy, efficient, and clear. However, as of 5/28/18, the most recent release, you can not make links from full screen. And not this has become a wildly popular hosting site on reddit. Which really brings down the enjoyment of this reddit experience. If that were fixed, I would give five stars. All around great, but with one big problem.

Good function/ flow but constantly crashes


It’s always bugging out, crashing, and overall I felt like it gets worse every update. Ever since the flat cache update was added, everything has been getting messed up too. I would suggest any other reddit app except this one solely because it just is poorly coded. Even if it feels nicer to use, it isn’t worth shelling out the time or money for a bug riddled app like this one

Great design, questionable execution


I love the design and features of amrc, and the full-screen swipe gestures kept me a loyal user, but the crashes have become absolutely intolerable and no combination of cache clearing, reinstalling, logging out and logging back in has resolved that issue. I cannot count the number of times the app has crashed in the middle of a comment and refused to let me attempt to comment again until I cancel or delete a nonexistent reply or simply timed out trying to read my messages.

Slowly circling the drain


Best reddit app in existence. I’ve used it for years. I’ve tried every reddit app on the App Store but I always go back to Antenna. But over the last year it’s gotten buggier and buggier and it’s to the point where I just can’t use it anymore.

Pretty Solid


It occurred to me today that after about a year of using this app I didn’t have any real issues or complaints. Does what it’s meant to with minimal fuss 👍

A great but flawed app.


This used to be my go to reddit app. I have been using it since it was called amrc. Recently over the past year there have been an increasing amount of bugs. My multi-reddits all have (null) after them for no reason. And app does close itself relatively often, even on a new phone. This said when it works it is a fantastic application. I currently use a different app but this remains installed and I will keep checking on it. I’ll update my score in the future if things improve.

Might be a decent paid app

name not nick

Night mode is a paid feature. Also appears I can’t change the brightness. Day mode was created by a sadist because after 10 minutes it starts to feel like you’re rubbing sandpaper in your eyes.

Used to be my favorite app


This is an amazing app but the developer has been consistently breaking his own features for 2 years now. Videos do not play sound, they cannot be expanded, the app slows down after about 5 minutes of use and needs to be restarted, and has frequent crashes. If the developer could figure out how to just bring back the app to the state it was in 2 years ago before he broke it with his useless features then I would love to come back and rate it 5 Stars. But as long as the developer keeps ruining it this app is trash.