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Antenna client for reddit is free iOS app published by Alistair Leszkiewicz

New update crashes


Newest update completely locks up my phone and is not useable at all, and it takes a great amount of effort to end the program and get my phone back. Please fix asap, the app is great when it works!


me and my reddit

Mine won’t work new update killed it.

Doesn’t work anymore


It immediately crashes on iPhone X with the current iOS.

Is this going to get fixed?


Wondering if this will ever get fixed. Been checking for an update every day this week and no fix yet? Come on already!

Used to work great


Now it doesn’t at all

Won’t open


Please fix the app. I keep waiting for an update. The app won’t open at all.

Used to be great


This has for a long time been the best of the reddit clients for iOS. But over the last few weeks, the crashing has become more commonplace, and more and more bugs have been rearing their heads. Now though, I cannot even open the app; it just freezes on the logo for a while, then crashes. I love this app, and am looking forward to being able to change this review as soon as its fixed.

Not anymore


Have loved this app for years. It’s steadily gotten worse but since the latest upgrade, won’t even open beyond the logo screen. Sigh. Time to delete.



EDIT: Deleting and reinstalling fixed the issue. Despite the constant bugs and crashes, this was still the best reddit app. Unfortunately after the last update I can’t even open it without it crashing. If the dev reads this, please know I love this app and will revert to a 5 star if you fix the crashing on startup. Using iPhone 8+.

V 8.19 Doesn’t work.


I can’t report this to the developer, but the app doesn’t open anymore. It sits on the first load screen and doesn’t move. I’ll rewrite my review back to 5 stars if it’s fixed. I loved this app.