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Antenna client for reddit is free iOS app published by Alistair Leszkiewicz

Freezes at splash scren


Pretty much the worst reddish client at this point.

Doesn’t work since August update

Completely stupefied

I used the app everyday up until the recent update on August 7. Now the app won’t open and just crashes. Please fix!!!!

Latest update broke the app


The app no longer starts. It just shows a splash screen and then crashes back to home.

Absolutely the best Reddit reader!


The most recent update didn’t go very well, but uninstalling and reinstalling the app resolved the issue. I love the intuitive interface and the simple design.

Won’t open


No longer opens

Broken after update


After the most recent update this app no longer works on my iPhone 8+. Worked fine before the update, now it will just sit on the first screen until it crashes. This is the most used app on my phone next to YouTube. Without the recent issue it’s perfect.

New update bricked the app


The app freezes on the opening logo and won’t open. The new update has killed my access completely. It’s very disruptive as I use this app every day, guess I’ll be looking for a different one.

Recent update

Some dude helpin

For whatever reason just uninstalling and reinstalling makes it work guys. Hope it helps y’all.

Still the best


No reddit client beats Antenna, it’s my most used app on iPhone. Thank you developer for your hard work.



App won’t even start. Just crashes.