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Antenna client for reddit

amrc is the fastest reddit client. Its unique 'swipe from anywhere' navigation makes browsing on your iPhone or iPad quick and easy
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News Free Alistair Leszkiewicz iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Never ending reddit style page loading
• Post actions: upvote, downvote, comment, save, hide, open in web browser
• Full reddit markup support with embedded links
• Collapsable comments from anywhere in the comment tree
• Easily identify original posters comments
• Embedded youtube, image, imgur album, and gif viewer
• Recently viewed posts
• Multiple login support
• Share to email, twitter, facebook & readability
• Comments sort and limit options
• Passcode lock
• Spoiler text support
• Multi-reddits
• Default browser can be set to Safari/Chrome/Opera
• Order your subreddits
• Bold / Italics formatting for and comments or self text threads
• Marking duplicate posts across pagination
• Swipe left contextual options menu
• New message notifications
• Reply to private messages and comment replies

PRO features
• Night mode
• Search
• Read later services : Pocket, Readability, Instapaper
• Shortcuts to saved subreddits with sorting, searches, users and more
• Thread submission & imgur upload
• for syncing clicked links
• View users history of posts / comments
• Edit posts and comments
• Auto switching to night mode
• Custom text size and fonts

For feedback please visit /r/amrc

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Best app ever

I love the app. Download it. Best reddit app on the App Store!

The best client out there

The best client out there


Far better than alien blue and every other app I've tried. Extremely fast and pleasant to navigate.

Best Reddit Client

This is my new go to client. Offers speed and is customizable to preferences. After Rhombus has faded away, this is my new #1.

Best reddit app I've used, hands down.

The UI is a big ugly, sure. But functionality wise this is easily the best reddit app out there. The swipe navigation is marvelous, and it really is SUPER fast. I highly recommend buying the pro version unlock because it just makes the app so much better.

Best reddit app I have found

I've been on Reddit for years and this is the best app I have found. Would highly recommend.

Best APP for reddit

Fast and smooth. Love the interaction.

Best of the best

The best and only Reddit app I will ever use! Pro version only cost 2.99, whereas Reddit official app is 3.99/mo to use pro version!! Love the clean lines and look of app, very user friendly.

Best Reddit App

Absolutely fantastic


This is my favorite way of navigating Reddit period.