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amrc is the fastest reddit client. Its unique 'swipe from anywhere' navigation makes browsing on your iPhone or iPad quick and easy
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News Free Alistair Leszkiewicz iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Never ending reddit style page loading
• Post actions: upvote, downvote, comment, save, hide, open in web browser
• Full reddit markup support with embedded links
• Collapsable comments from anywhere in the comment tree
• Easily identify original posters comments
• Embedded youtube, image, imgur album, and gif viewer
• Recently viewed posts
• Multiple login support
• Share to email, twitter, facebook & readability
• Comments sort and limit options
• Passcode lock
• Spoiler text support
• Multi-reddits
• Default browser can be set to Safari/Chrome/Opera
• Order your subreddits
• Bold / Italics formatting for and comments or self text threads
• Marking duplicate posts across pagination
• Swipe left contextual options menu
• New message notifications
• Reply to private messages and comment replies

PRO features
• Night mode
• Search
• Read later services : Pocket, Readability, Instapaper
• Shortcuts to saved subreddits with sorting, searches, users and more
• Thread submission & imgur upload
• for syncing clicked links
• View users history of posts / comments
• Edit posts and comments
• Auto switching to night mode
• Custom text size and fonts

For feedback please visit /r/amrc

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As of January 2020, unusable
Hippo Fat

App does not load anything.

I like the app, but it regularly crashes.

it will crash between one to several times per day. Overall the app is nice to use and i’ve enjoyed it since day one, but the frequent crashes get annoying.

Looks great but crashes too often

This is by far my favorite reddit app. The ui is super easy to use. My only grip is that it crashes at least a couple times a day. Other negative is that there doesn’t seem to be a plan in place to address this. I give one star because I paid for the pro version and it shouldn’t crash this much. I love this app but I would avoid it for now until this is addressed.

Good Functionality, lacking in features

This app is the bare minimum for scrolling reddit. It works but it’s now outdated compared to other apps. Examples include no new reddit awards indicators. It still uses a star for reddit gold. We now have silver and platinum. Second is no native iOS 13 dark mode/OLED mode. Apple released a SDK for use of this. Third is a slew of updates. This app hasn’t been updated for iPhone X support. Being a pro user, I want this app to be the best, I stopped usi NV other apps because it can’t beat Antenna. Just it needs to be more functional.

My go to for Reddit on ios

Would gladly pay yearly for access to this app. Been using it for years.

Great app when it works

Unfortunately it barely works. Constant hangs and crashes. Do not write a post up or comment on this app. You will lose it 80% of the time. Love the interface, but the developer is lazy and inept. Had to uninstall.

Extremely Dissatisfied

I get using ads, that's fine and I have no qualms about banner ads being added. What I do have issue with is taking away subreddit shortcuts, submitting, darkmode, overviewing your submissions and comments, and hiding already read content, and putting it underneath a new "pro" label so you can purchase these previously freely available features. This app is one of the least stable Reddit apps, testflight or not, and suddenly giving money with the few people who use this client won't make the many issues suddenly better. I was beta-testing and using this app despite frequent crashing, freezing, YouTube videos not working, sound escaping from a video when you're scrolling back in a subreddit, messages sometimes unable to send, force logouts, etc. Because it has the most intuitive gesture-based actions that I've seen, but for me this just feels alienating.

Still unusable in landscape mode.

Text in text posts doesn’t account for the notch when in landscape mode. The notch covers up the first bit of every line of text. The top left corner looks like it’s still formatted for square corners as the text is cut off there too. I’ve been checking in every month or so for an update and it’s so close. If you use Reddit in portrait mode, Antenna will work great. If you use it in portrait mode, it’s frustrating.

Too many bugs to use
ricco agave

Long pressing or hard pressing on a post or image always crashes the app. If you are reading a long text post and hold your finger on the screen for more than 2 seconds it crashes the app. Viewing a single subreddit with a lot of images posts slows down and crashes the app. It could be incredible but the devs care more about patching in iOS dark mode than making th app usable.

I have tried many reddit conduit/apps and always wind up back at Antenna.

Seems to be the easiest to navigate

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