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amrc is the fastest reddit client. Its unique 'swipe from anywhere' navigation makes browsing on your iPhone or iPad quick and easy
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News Free Alistair Leszkiewicz iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Never ending reddit style page loading
• Post actions: upvote, downvote, comment, save, hide, open in web browser
• Full reddit markup support with embedded links
• Collapsable comments from anywhere in the comment tree
• Easily identify original posters comments
• Embedded youtube, image, imgur album, and gif viewer
• Recently viewed posts
• Multiple login support
• Share to email, twitter, facebook & readability
• Comments sort and limit options
• Passcode lock
• Spoiler text support
• Multi-reddits
• Default browser can be set to Safari/Chrome/Opera
• Order your subreddits
• Bold / Italics formatting for and comments or self text threads
• Marking duplicate posts across pagination
• Swipe left contextual options menu
• New message notifications
• Reply to private messages and comment replies

PRO features
• Night mode
• Search
• Read later services : Pocket, Readability, Instapaper
• Shortcuts to saved subreddits with sorting, searches, users and more
• Thread submission & imgur upload
• for syncing clicked links
• View users history of posts / comments
• Edit posts and comments
• Auto switching to night mode
• Custom text size and fonts

For feedback please visit /r/amrc

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I want to be able to pause gifs again! Where did that function go? Also, my app is crashing every time I submit a comment. It's such a good app. Why keep breaking things?!

Started freezing again

***Update*** After a few weeks of usage started freezing again. Tired of this, deleting app. ************** Finally got rid of the UI freezing, once again the best reddit app.

Lovely application. Recommended.

Thank you.

Copy paste bug still there

For a few versions now every time I copy and paste a link from the app, it pasted it 3 times. Last change log said it was fixed. Still isn’t.

The BEST client out there for iPhone

HOWEVER, I recently got a new phone, and when trying to restore to Pro on my new 8+, it’s a never ending loop of “you already did that please wait” or nothing happening, so I’m stuck with the lite version. Very frustrating! Other than this and the occasional frozen grey screen, it’s even better than the desktop site in my opinion!

Almost perfect

Overall a great design and UX. I would like to see an option to hide child comments all the time until turned off.

Broken again

It seems every time antenna updates something breaks. At this point the app crashes anytime you use multi task and leave the app and come back to it. Frustrating because it's the best UI for Reddit but it is continually plagued with issues.

Finally! Reddit with gestures!

This is the app I have been waiting for for many many years on iPad. Browsing Reddit with alien blue and other iPad applications is OK at best, simply because it's very hard to browse comfortably when laying down in bed or on the couch with one hand. You are constantly reaching it shifted to head back buttons, comment threads, collapsing comments, and loading images. I've been very desperate for some wood to release an application that allows me to sort through the front page, open it read comments/collapse them, view images and videos, and change settings all without moving my hand from a 6 in.² in the center of the screen. With this application on my iPad pro in Apple pencil I have never experienced Reddit so easily on iOS. I literally just swipe up-and-down back-and-forth to browse entire sub Reddit's comments and content without lifting a finger or adjusting my iPad to reach for anything. It's so freaking nice. I can't understate how amazing it is swiping a couple inches the left, a couple inches to the right, a couple up or down while absorbing every piece of content you would expect from the Reddit front page. I would say that I have a very heavy user of Reddit and have almost 0 patience for browsing reddit on devices that are too slow compared to chrome on desktop. On desktop I will pull up 30 tabs at once with the content on my left screen and the comments on the right, literally racing through a bunch of threads at once because I'm so ADHD. This is the ONLY app that can reasonably match my experience on desktop with iPad Pro. Highly recommend – at least give the free version a shot. Although I recommend everybody support the developer and pay the three dollars to get the upgrades. The font default size is a little too small for me and night mode is great. A++++ 10/17 Update: more patches continue to make this the fastest, easiest, most efficient Reddit experience on the planet. The new button for instantly dropping to the next parent comment when deep in a thread just shows how determined the developer is at focusing speed/ease above all else. I feel so bad for all the redditors who use bloated eye candy apps which need multiple taps and swipes to get through each post. Biggest antenna fanboy ever :)

Great, until...

Had this app for a while and it worked really well, but it no longer works after I back switched to an iPhone 5S

Amazing BUT now it crashes:(

I love this app I use 90% of my pattern on it a day because it can give some of the the best customizable features.. however now it crashes almost 10 times a day on my last update of this app. I keep my phone well maintained seeing as how I do graphic-design almost exclusively for a phone repair company which offers on-the-house phone repairs year round. My gear is working perfectly fine so why is an app I paid for crashing so often?

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