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VirtualShield is an extremely fast, reliable, and unlimited virtual private network (VPN) provider. With just a few taps, you can easily connect to any one of our extremely fast VPN servers.
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Why choose VirtualShield?
• Easy to download and use across all your iOS devices
• Many VPN Locations across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia
• 24-hour customer support via live chat and email
• Easy to use app
• Ultrafast servers
• Unlimited high-speed premium bandwidth

When do I need VirtualShield?
We recommend that you connect to VirtualShield when you are:
• Connected to a public WiFi Hotspot such as Cafes, Airports, Hotels, and more...
• Conducting business such as writing/reading email, or using VOIP
• Traveling, especially when connected to Hotel WiFi
• Booking a flight or hotel reservation
• Making an online purchase



I love the protection but I thought the billing was supposed to be monthly that’s what I paid for. I see that they tried to take the whole year off my credit card. I’m not understanding why?

Problems and no support
so cool vm foo yo

Did not work from the beginning. Support does not exist

Hoped for more!
Shiny Hawk

A friend recommended this app and she loves it. We wanted to have protection on all our devices so we signed up for 24 months at Big discount (my first clue). When I went to the iPhone app the last update was 2Y ago. ( my second clue)! After contacting via email I was directed to just wipe out all my VPN memory. 3 strikes!! I am out!

Somethings wrong with app
qeetjfdscv CD

Try to create a profile but it says to sign up with virtual shield which is the app name

Doesn’t work for all iPhones

How does it have compatibility with Win7, but not iPhone 7 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️


I would say worst customer service if they actually had customer service. You never speak to a human, they only communicate by email and send you links to information that is easily found on their website. DOES NOT WORK ON iPhone!!!!! An email “support” advises me to Reset my network setting which will wipe out years worth of passwords that I need to do my job! When I tell them to stop my membership, they tell me I have a free 30 day trial and can continue to use the service for 28 more days...I can use a service that I cannot connect to for 28 days. Yes, they are that incompetent!!!!!

Works great
Boogs McGee

Always on never have issues with services and customer service has been fine the times I needed them.

stopped working

stopped working with prime, please fix it.

Consistently disconnects from WiFi

This service is garbage. I got it for my iPhone and iPad and ever since I got it all it does is disconnect me from my WiFi. Now every time I open my phone or iPad I have to disconnect and reconnect to the internet. An absolute waste of money.

Draatically slows your connection

With vpn on my upload speed is 2.5 and download is 4.5. No vpn. Upload 12 and download 25. That is drastic. To pay for a vpn service i expect a little better than this.