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Trello: organize anything is free iOS app published by Trello, Inc.

Hard to use and understand.


Hard to use and understand

Amazing Organization


I love Trello for the amazing organization and flexibility it provides.

Main Platform for my Homework!


I use this to keep my assignments in order and up to date and it’s just great. No complaints really. It can be as surface level or detailed as you want it too. Only thing though, I wish they had a widget to put on the home screen so I can view assignments at a glance.

Love it


Great app functionality..



I’ve been complaining about this bug to them for half a year and they still haven’t fixed it. When I type several lines inside a checklist item, I can’t see the last line of what I type because it’s getting hidden. It’s very annoying and makes adding and editing checklist items very challenging.

I love this!!!


I’ve just started using trello for college, my adhd has made it difficult. I have an amazing professor who recommended it! but i do have a question, will there be an update where ios 14 users can add a trello widget to their screen? i think it would be amazing to see what is due soon, upcoming things etc. on your home screen and then being able to click into the app to check more! just a thought but other than that it’s amazing!

Excellent for both Personal & Professional use!


Excellent App for both personal and professional use!!! Need to add the “Duplicate Card” option back that includes the duplication of Checklists for repeatable tasks. The new “Copy Card” feature is far less user friendly as it only copies the header detail



I love this app, and website. I don’t use it for work but I love to use it for personal tasks. 10/10 would recommend. I use it to manage my tasks, house cleaning schedule, personal goals, holiday planning, etc.

No print capability


How ancient is that?

Doesn’t have dark mode for pre-iOS 13

Célia Euvaldo

Since my phone just wont update most apps seem to only have dark mode for iOS 13 and up. Also, doesn’t allow you to view profiles like the desktop site. Still, better an app than no app.