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Trello: organize anything is free iOS app published by Trello, Inc.

Sync Missing


It does not sync between mobile & web. I lost a lot of changes because of that. Until auto sync is available in between devices it is not reliable to use.

iOS app doesn't integrate with Calendar


How does a project management application not integrate with calendar? Requires desktop application?




Where the heck is Calendar View!?

Cub Games

I use Trello on my iMac and absolutely love Calendar View. In fact, I NEED it. I'm constantly having to shift things around, and it is much quicker and easier to do in Calendar View. For whatever reason, the folks at Trello seem to be very hesitant to add Calendar View to the app. I've been waiting through each update, and I haven't seen or heard anything about it. It is getting very frustrating!

Awesome app and tool


Very easy to use. Started using it recently and am absolutely in love with how easy it is. It is going to be very very useful.

Home improvement contractor


Just started. Using for home improvement company and so far it's great. Tracing separate boards for different sub contractors. Sharing etc. very good

Why I love Trello


I am a part of a nonprofit group. The 4 key officers live in 4 parts of the US...different time zones, life styles, etc. so we can use Trello to communicate effectively regardless of time or place. I LOVE that you can email a card!! That's been super helpful numerous times. We find the variety of colors for notifications to be very helpful as well. The stickers are fun and we use those too. We are VERY PLEASED with Trello. I'm thinking about hooking up my 5 kids on it so we can all know where what and when. Oh- and please don't stop the goofy update releases. Trendy or not/they're great. SERIOUSLY ;)

Due date in app


I can't add a due date in the cell phone app.

Cool app


Great app, makes being organized colorful and fun!



Yeah, that's a word. Trello is my go to organizational tool for both work and home. I actually can't remember how I kept everything in order in life before using it.