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Trello: organize anything is free iOS app published by Trello, Inc.

I wanted to like this


First hour of using it, it kept telling me I didn’t have access to this card it may have been deleted. Not sure why or what I did. But reading other recent reviews, this app doesn’t seem to reliable for mobile users. I am going to look elsewhere.

Used Heavily

Ferguson TV MAC

I use Trello a lot. Great app.

It is a Great app helping me and my team with orginazation

Toy Boy 221

It is amazing for our student council and helps the students organize there tasks

Had to log in on computer to get the iPhone app to work

Really!?! This is awful!!!!

The app kept going round and round. I reset my password several times. I do everything on my cell phone, but I had to drag my computer out to reset my password again and the app finally let me log in with the new password.

Bugs and limits - can’t keep items hidden and more


I rely on checklists within cards - a lot. A couple months ago, I started experiencing a glitch whereby I can no longer keep completed items hidden. Every time I open the app I have to “hide“ the items again. No big deal doing it one time, but when you have an ongoing list that is constantly evolving with dozens upon dozens of items in it, having to do this every single time just to see your incomplete items causes a massive annoyance indeed. Couple other pet peeves with this app. It would be great to be able to collapse a list. Doesn’t seem that complicated, does it? I like having a “done” list. I don’t need to see all the items there. Annoying to have to go and archive cards every so often in this list just to clear it out. Also, there’s a cool feature where you can create shortcuts for common tasks (on desktop). Again, because I enjoy a “done“ list, having a button that allows me to send a card to the done list automatically is incredibly helpful, and something I can create on the desktop browser. Why I cannot create this same shortcut in the app is beyond me. Why it is not a built-in feature in a cards based to do/task list organization app is even further beyond me. I’ve loved Trello for a long while, but its benefits over something as simple as the Reminders app on my phone are starting to dwindle.

non team board


cannot create a non team board, cannot deselect team

Trello works for me!

Pepper Tooth

If you are managing multiple projects either my yourself or with a team, Trello can rescue you. The solution is Trello! I use Trello at work and home. Trello keeps me organized and helps me manage almost all my work projects. If you are as busy as I am, download the app today!

SaaS life solved


Very excited to embrace this via a new role. So far, so wonderful. Wonderfully refreshing after living on Gsuite (bleh). Thank you!

I use it every day, all day


I’ve had this app for over a year and it has organized my personal life. I use it every day to accomplish the day’s tasks. Because it’s so easy to get a task added, I add all the tasks when I’m thinking of them and later go back and sort the tasks in the order I want to accomplish them. Now I forgot nothing. This is a true productivity tool for the multi-tasker.

iOS Notifications don’t work


The app is great. But the push notifications haven’t worked on iOS for a month or so. I missed 2 important tasks. Not cool.