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Trello: organize anything is free iOS app published by Trello, Inc.

Great for visual thinkers


This is a great to do list manager and project planner for people who are visual thinkers

Functionality not as good as it could be


Things like can’t be done on mobile that can be done on desktop. Should be easier ways to look at archives boards or cards and bring them back, etc.

The most creative productivity app


My brother showed me this app 3 years ago. Every week, I seem to add more of life’s work onto the apps shoulders. The app never crashes, there’s usually never any bugs. It’s very simply created. The developers really thought this out very well! It’s a neat interface! I use the app almost with muscle memory I don’t have to think about anything whenever I work on there. I use it on all platforms. If you design it right, you could spend an entire day on the app just planning your life out. The best part I like about Trello - it’s free. It’s free for functions that I would normally pay for! I have boards for all aspects of my life. I use the checklist function most often. I can plan my life on here and it has happily become a very important part of my life. I have never come across an app like this that allows you to map out exactly how you want to map it out. You’ve probably heard this before, but the developers did an amazing job! And they continue to do so! Dhruv Sarin (Customer since 2017!)

Bad layout


I’ve been trying to use Trello for years, and really stumble every time with the horizontal only card layout. I can’t believe we are not able to arrange the cards on the screen to be able to see more than 4 of them at a time. I understand there is a Chrome plugin for this, but I don’t use chrome. Adding this seemingly minor feature for iOS app will make all the difference.

Love Trello!!!! Absolutely favorite App!!!

Mrs Lantz

We use this app to manage our complete business! Purchase, installs, permits, sales cycle, etc! Best app I have ever used.

The app won’t let me login

Jansen Sharpening

This app used to be great, but I don’t have Safari on my phone and once I update it, it won’t allow me to sign in because when it opens the webpage to enter the password, It will only open in Safari. I also couldn’t contact customer support from the App Store because you have to log into the app in order to get support?‍♀️



My supervisor is wanting to get our team using TRELLO to keep everyone in the loop with projects we are working on and a link was sent to me to join the group. I am pretty tech savvy, but I have to say that after 3 hours of attempting to get the app to join the group board, that i think this app stinks!!!! User experience is -50 right now for me. So finally after 3 hours, I have it synced to the office group. All I can say now is that it better be pretty impressive from now on because it was not a enjoyable process at all. Not sure what the atlassain connection is needed for but it sure f’d things up on the iOS end for sure. Best regards to you if your going to use this for your team. I’m really wondering how the experience will go with our other 2 members who are not all that tech savvy...


Polaris Buck

Every time I try to type into a custom field, the app freezes.

Love it

Shivi Yo

Great design and experience

No longer compatible with Atlassian login


Trying to connect with my atlassian account, it says that I cannopt an must use a google account. Then crashes...