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Trello: organize anything is free iOS app published by Trello, Inc.

Trello Gets better and better


One things for sure. This app is ALWAYS getting better or trying their hardest to do it. I use plenty of Atlassian apps like confluence, Jira, Bitbucket. But the Trello team seems to be the forgotten child for some reason. To is the All Star of the group. Trello isn’t as Rigid as Jira, yet it can accomplish anything Jira can. Jira is great to hit the ground running for Agile project teams that just want a good preset platform with awesome integration to Confluence. But Trello is the Canvass that belongs to the Artist! You decide what it does and what fields belong there. It has GREAT mobile support that matches the desktop experience pretty closely. You always feel in control and your limiting factor with Trellobis your own creativity. Butler bot is a great tool to have as well for the Trello Add ons. Special Thanks to the Trello team for working so hard to keep such a fine tuned app running!

Mostly seems like a good app

Heather Cooey

This app seems really straight forward and simple to use. The problem I’m running into is there is no way to repeat cards. There are several tasks that I want to repeat daily and weekly or even monthly and there’s no way to do this (at least from what I can tell). Please add this capability.

Need a magnifying glass now


Recent update made the cards even smaller and harder to see. I don’t need a whole bunch of colorful extra border space on my phone. I need to see the text on my cards.

No way to retrieve recently deleted information


I’ve been trying out Trello for possible paid use in my Marketing & Design Team. Some good features, some not-so-good features. But then I ran into a deal breaker: With two clicks, I accidentally deleted the entire checklist of tasks to do (instead of just one item). And I found out there is no way to retrieve it, even right after the fact. Pretty ridiculous. If they are sloppy with this type of important detail, I’m pretty sure there are other big holes. Unreliable. Trying out other tools now.

Good app, but could be great


Since Trello in a browser doesn’t really work in iOS (no drag and drop), this app is a necessity for mobile Trello users. Unfortunately, that means you miss out on a lot of the cool add-ons you can get from desktop browsers. Basic features that you would expect to be built-in, like collapsible lists, grid spacing, etc. are missing here. You can’t even change the covers of cards in the iOS version! As a service, Trello is super easy to use, but I wish the cards would allow WYSIWYG editing instead of having to rely on markup. They should take a look at what Padlet is doing for customization.

Great app


Great for organizing information

Word wrap on checklists


The word wrap on the iPad app seems to cut off the checklist item when it’s longer than the allocated space. I would expect it to word wrap in the field when it’s editable. Otherwise, app is great.



Great App



Someone added me on a board and then deleted me. Now I have 2 notifications that I can’t delete and the #2 on my icon that I can’t get rid of. How do I eliminate that 2 off the Trello icon?

What happened to moving cards?


It used to be a breeze to move cards around, just by dragging. Now it’s a 3 step process!?