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Trello: organize anything is free iOS app published by Trello, Inc.

Great app


Makes it easy to keep track of random tasks that need to be done and keep my family apprised of what I am working on or need help with. I really wish there were some “delayed” features though—“don’t remind me to complete task B until I’ve completed task A” (completing one task triggers a reminder for a subsequent task when things MUST be done sequentially) or “here are the details of a task, but don’t add it to my board until X date (I don’t want this task cluttering up my workspace when I can’t start it until X date).



We are now using this to manage our jobs and I love it. Infinitely customizable and available everywhere.



Excellent for project management and increasing communication among teams. Can be used as an individual to organize tasks and projects or with teams. Eliminates extra emails, texts, calls, and dreaded meetings by allowing everyone in the project to see the status of items, add items, and mark as completed or in progress. Highly recommend watching the intro videos before setting up boards. Also highly recommend third party add ins like for increased automation.



Muy bueno

Tremendous organizational tool


My entire team uses Trello and out project and events management is so much smoother.

Don’t trust


Don’t trust an app that requires me to allow that app to share info about me without the ability to opt out. Hard no.



cant get signed into an ms account because there's a trello popup that obscures keyboard input, and the keyboard is halfway offscreen and unusable to even enter my credentials.

Helpful but


Could you add the option to hide recent boards some where in settings. Also everything user: Lyphsex mentioned

Nothing but errors and crashing

Officer Tech

I can’t even sign in. Ever since trello switched to this stupid atlessent account it had always thrown errors after error and won’t let me sign in. Fix your app devs.

The best, but...


It is just missing a great feature, iOS Widgets! Bring widgets to the APP and this will be the best of all!!