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Trello: organize anything is free iOS app published by Trello, Inc.



Super efficient idea catcher, easy slide tabs to keep activities on track and accomplished.

Like it



IOS 14 Widgets


When will Trello have widgets available for IOS 14?

My Project Manager Hero


Amazing amazing amazing. If you’re not on Trello you’re paying too much!

A bug

Ahmed M. Haeba

I need to get out of the app then back in every time I add a card or a board to register them

Great App, Room For Improvement


I am a student that uses Trello for school, work, and personal projects. Trello is an essential part of my organization routine and I use it across my phone, computer, and iPad. I think that something the iPad app could improve on is a less cluttered/more organized menu interface. Something I think is essential too is improving the calendar view on the iPad to mimic something similar to the Mac layout. Keep up the great work devs!


Wendy ale

Amo en serio amo esta app creo que es la app mas útil que tengo la recomiendo mucho me ayuda a cumplir todos mis trabajos pendientes y me encanta I really love, love !!! I think this application is the most useful application I have, I highly recommend it, it helps me complete all my pending work and I love it

a fun way to organize!


i love how you can change the app icon and have backgrounds for boards, makes things a lot more nice to look at. i'm usually very forgetful and this app is a really nice way to organize my ideas.

This app is amazing

Boone's Entertainment

It has helped us build a business from the ground up

Fantastic app made even better on the iPad

Kelly Meng:D

I’ve always really like using Trello, but the app on iPad just brings it to the next level. It’s super intuitive, easy to maneuver, and so user-friendly for iPad users. It makes the entire experience so much more enjoyable, and you can drag stuff with your stylus or a finger! Very easy to use, 10 out of 10 rediscovered my love for Trello.