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Trello: organize anything is free iOS app published by Trello, Inc.

Good but need easy but significant improvement

Randall Wright

Great product but severely hampered by the fact that “cards” can’t be listed by title in a scrollable list!

no butler button support


i can’t give this app a decent rating until butler is supported in it. Atlassian made butler a key part of trello over a year ago, but there’s no sign that card or board buttons will be supported in mobile, which makes the mobile app useless for my workflow. and while we’re at it, can we please have a few more color options for labels, it is 2020 after all.

Love it!


I've been an on and off user. Becoming a heavy user after I took advantage big the templates available. It's helpful. Easy to use and help you prepare better. Good for productivity.



Been using it for about a year. Keeps my to do list organized. Highly recommend.

Boards rarely update even with great wifi


I love Trello on my desktop but for some reason I can rarely get the app to update (many archived cards will appear on my lists in the app and cards that I’ve since created are missing). I would love to be able to depend on the app so I can use Trello on the go, but it’s hard not having the most up to date version of my boards available.

Please add pass code

Youmail- user

The best app ever Please add passcode and Face ID ASAP

Trello on Apple Watch?


Trello is an amazing app to get your life organized, it would be great to see your to-do list on your Apple Watch.

Very good


Very good

Won’t save checklist!


I’ve entered a detailed checklist on a card and the word “Save” remains grayed out. My only option is to cancel and lose all I have entered! I’ve entered all the information that should be required. What am I missing?