Not that user friendly – Trello: organize anything! Review

I have been a member since 2018 and still can’t find the proper way to use this.. maybe haven’t used it enough but my team and I have tried using this app many times but we never seem to go back to it. I don’t like how you can’t delete yourself from a board just because someone else put you in it even when you haven’t accepted to join a board you’ve been invited to. So now I have a list of boards on my account that because I wasn’t removed from them by the creator of the board it just shows there on my account. Can’t take myself off. Now I want to delete my account and start a new one. I like the concept and I love the different backgrounds it gives to personalize it but there are still functions I wish would make this more user friendly.
Review by alyr7 on Trello: organize anything!.

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