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Trello: organize anything is free iOS app published by Trello, Inc.



Great product!



This is hard to do without for daily planning

App getbstuck

Ton Oren

When opening the app on iPhone and Writing a comment on a list The app jums

Crossing off simple tasks is way too much work


Pros: I like much of this app and I’ve used my account on the computer as well. It’s easy to add separate category columns and cards for tasks to be done within each column. The visual layout is simple, clear, pleasant. There are lots of neat features like due dates. So why two stars? Cons: I get the feeling whomever is in charge of UX design at Trello doesn’t have enough of a voice (or budget). The menus can quickly devolve into an unintuitive maze. Wait, how do I change the due date? How do I delete the card? It’s this last one that’s a kicker. Trello is a fancy to do list. In their eagerness to present a new way to cross off tasks they made it convoluted for anyone not using a due date. Example: I need to make a hair appointment. This item doesn’t need nor is it worth the extra effort of entering a due date. So when I complete this task I must first go the the giant drawer of hidden options under the nondescript “three dots” button. Then, I can’t cross it off I have to delete the card. This is the worst “cross off” UI I have ever come across. How did this make it past user testing?!



Good app

Nam mô A Di Đà Phật !

A Di Đà Phật !

Niệm Phật hàng ngày nhất Tâm. Pháp môn Tịnh Độ thậm thâm vi diệu. Tâm luôn niệm đến danh hiệu. A Di Đà Phật nhiếp độ chúng ta. Nam mô A Di Đà Phật ! Thứ đáng trân trọng nhất trên đời này là sức khỏe. Xin thường niệm Phật, lạy Phật để tăng cường sức khỏe và tu thành Đạo Quả. Vu Minh Ngoc tặng bạn một bài học vô giá đó là " Phàm làm việc gì , trước phải xét nghĩ đến hậu quả của nó ".

Not intuitive


Very confusing and non intuitive.



Constantly waiting for my app to load because of “housekeeping”. Seems like it’s been plaguing the app for months now. Hoping for a fix soon.

Ok but just ok


Customer service is not there I had to make the change when my to do app was purchased and merged I am a heavy user with my work This is not an app I’m happy that I’ve spent money on I have it several weeks thinking I was so comfortable with the old app I’m having a learning curve. Not so this is just a bad app for the price!

Planning on Steroids .. We love it!!


Trello is single handedly the best thing to happen to my life since the new year .. outside of Patricia Bright’s budgeting video on The Break Platform, ofc! haha