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Tractor Game for Build a House

"Trucks building" is colorful game about different types of construction machinery those are constructing huge buildings using their skills. If your kids are fond of cars and trucks or anything connected with building thematic they will be crazy of this cool game! Go through all 18 engrossing levels of game and get your house done in the finish of one of the best building game for toddlers!
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CONSTRUCT and RIDE your very own construction transport is fairly easy right now! Build cool vehicles with just a few touches. First above you have to build your own transport, then fill it with gas on the gas station, and go to the building site where you can build your dream house! After it you will have to wash your transport in the carwash Move from level to level and soon your dream house will be done!

Here you can find many types of different vehicles for your child to build and play with! Here is short list of them: digging machine, tipper, crane, drilling machine, pile driver, concrete mixer and much more! Teach your child basics of cars mechanics! All the transport in the game is just like in real life!


Your truck got dirty after hours of building of the house? No problem! Soap it with bubbles, roll a car through soft brushes, clean it with water and dry it off so your car will be shine clean! Its really fun for kids to play in carwash!


Fuel of your truck is low? Never mind because you can fuel your transport on the gas station. At first find where to connect fueling nose! It trains children's attentiveness. Press the button and watch your car`s fuel level rising up!

If you`re an adult and busy, you can simply give your baby smartphone or tablet with this game installed, your toddler will be busy with it for hours of having fun! But your baby will not only be passionate about game, but also will learn some things!

Other features we would like you to know about:

Music was specially composed for this game, here you can find many cool rhythmical music themes. Voice-over: 10 different professionally recorded voice-overs, including languages like: English, Deutsch, Espanola, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabian, and Hindi! Graphics is brilliant and colorful, our designers worked hard! We`ve also cared about security, so it won’t be so easy for your child to buy something in game, while you are not looking for him.

This game will be perfect for your child, if he likes tractor games, car sounds, house building games, car puzzles, and construcion games.

Also we recommend you to view some others games those we created, they are fun not less than that one! :)

Contact us at [email protected] we will be happy to hear some feedback from you!

Have a good game!


Buyer beware

Bought the app early on when there were only a couple home to build. Initially could pay $1.99 or $2.99 or $8.99 for the developers. I forgot which one I picked but it unlocked building the entire first red house and then after a couple weeks it no longer worked and it went back to being locked. This of course was super upsetting to my 4 year old and then made me not want to pay any further for the app since I expect what I paid to be available and not to be revoked.



Coming soon still has not opened up

My 2 year old nephew loves playing it well did till he finished all the activities. That’s Been over a month. He keeps going in to and what’s do the coming Soon. I thick that I’m paying for hem to play this game it’s to be opened I’ve done the update for the game and still coming soon. That’s way I’m Giving it 4 stars.

Bought for Five year old grandson

Grandson got bored after five minutes.

Purchase unavailable?
Thee Bytor

I want to buy the entire game, no subscription. It keeps telling me purchases are unavailable. Do you want to sell the game or not.

Fun game
Jackson Lubbock

My 2 year old loves this game but he finished all the houses and there are no more. Not worth paying monthly if no new ones are being added.

Can’t pay.

My son loves this game and we want to pay for the subscription but it just loops. I clicked to subscribe, completed the simple math task, it asks me to click the button to subscribe, I complete the simple math task and this goes on. One star because it’s improved my son’s math skills having to do the pointless tasks. Please fix this so we can buy the product.

No sound

The sound randomly stops working.

Can’t purchase

My 3 year is having a great time and enjoying all the free features but I’m unable to purchase the app it continuously tells me purchase cancelled

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pamela 28

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