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Tractor Game for Build a House is free iOS app published by Top Line Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Refund requested


My nephew got through the free part and when he got to the upgrade section it says buy coffee for developers $0.99, paint for the illustrator $2.99, and sweets for testers $8.99. I purchased all three upgrades and he only got to build the house and didn’t get the other two. Please refund asap.

App issue


I downloaded the build a house app and paid 0.99 but only one house construction is showing up. On my sons tablet, he has multiple houses construction on 0.99 option. How can I get the other houses?

Sound doesn’t work...


I don’t mind so much ? but my son is kinda bummed, any suggestions?

Used to like the game

zoo it up

Paid for this game last year and now I can not access it anymore and you want to charge outrageous rates for a little kids game.

Sound issue


My grandson loved this game before I upgraded it to a yearly subscription. After that sound in the game disappeared... I tried to update it, I checked settings and it’s still no sound. He doesn’t like to play in this anymore. Can I have refund than. I would rate it 5 stars but I cannot because this is technical issues that developer has to address.

Great fun!


Grandson loves this!



We love it!

Not working


I purchased a year’s subscription for my grandson to use on each of two devices. Full access was not provided on either device. Only one level was available. I see no way to arrange for a refund, and the developer sent an impolite email requesting that I change my review. I will not lie in a review.

Monthly Subscription


Why should a game like this be a monthly subscription...why not a one time fee? Wouldn’t waste my money on this.

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