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Tractor Game for Build a House is free iOS app published by Top Line Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Money hungry pigs



Sound doesn’t work once you pay


My son loved this game so I bought the annual subscription and now the sound doesn’t work. Please fix this, it’s really disappointing. UPDATE: I deleted and redownloaded. Now it doesn’t recognize the subscription I purchased. I used restore purchases but nothing. So I have no access to the content I paid for.



M huh

No sounds again!!!!


The sound never works! Very frustrating

Great app but subscription isn’t worth it


My son LOVES this game. We subscribed for several months but decided to stop because despite paying monthly, new buildings, vehicles etc. aren’t released monthly. I would rather buy building or house packs then waste money on a monthly subscription that rarely updates.

It’s not letting me to do the building it’s in the need to purchase some thing and it’s so dumb

garbageman 124

Try to make me purchase something so I can so I can so I can I said I can’t play the game

Not the best game ever

Alaina Animal Lover

The reason why I give this app a one star review is because you have to subscribe to the game to like unlock new levels and stuff and it’s so annoying because every time you want to play you have to subscribe so yeah you could subscribe if you wanted to but didn’t have to pay and we don’t pay



Best game for children

Build a house “coming soon”

juju's grandma

My 4 year old grandson loves this , but he keeps asking about the “coming soon” new building . When will it come ?

To much money to pay


It just seems like you want your kid to play, but you have to pay for a game. You shouldn’t need to pay to learn, except for school. What is wrong with these types of games you may ask? They’re money-grabs. You heard me, they are money-grabs. I want to try this game with my child, but it’s to much money to pay. Like all the other games.