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Tractor Game for Build a House is free iOS app published by Top Line Solutions Pte. Ltd.

$19 per year?!


First off, let me say that my son LOVES this game, and I was all for buying the full version until I saw the price! Why on earth would a toddler game/app require a $19 PER YEAR subscription?! Completely flabbergasted and severely disappointed. What a rip off!

Really good game

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This is a really good game. I think you should try it it has trying to build a house, a gas station , a car wash , and you have to try to build the tools. I recommend this game to everyone!

Purchase didn’t work


My son loves this app but when I purchased a month subscription the to unlock all of the additional pages, it didn’t work. The lock symbol disappeared but they are still shaded out and he can’t use them. So I paid for nothing basically. Is there a way to fix this?!

Sound issue


My son loves this game. However, we still only have 1 house after purchasing and there’s no sound.

No sound!


We absolutely love this app and have the shapes one as well that are both by go kids, however neither of them have sound. We have updated our iPad checked, all the sound spots to see if we had something shut off, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted the iPad, and still nothing works. Would buy this app if the sound worked.

Good Game- subscription makes no sense


We originally gladly paid monthly for this app. Our 2 year old LOVED it. We subscribed because they originally had in their post that there would be new levels added monthly. However, SEVERAL months pasted by and there were still the same levels and a “coming soon” sign on another house. We gave it another month and decided the game was just taking our money for no reason. I would rather just paid outright for the game and pay more as new houses become available. Makes more sense. Game is fantastic though, we just won’t be playing anymore.

Sound issue


This game has helped my son with puzzles but again it has no sound and he loves the sounds it keeps his attention will rate 5 stars once the sound has been fixed. And the sound has been fixed thank you!!!!

Where is the update??

Grandma Doria

Today (5/22/2020)is the second time I have updated this app which was to include the green house - no green house. My grandson enjoys playing this app - I am a little frustrated.



My grandson loves vehicles of all types. He is 19 months old. This game is by far his favorite game. He is able to do everything. It is wonderful to see his fine motor skills as he puts the vehicles together.

Own the app but now you’ve disabled the “restore purchase” since app won’t open


Purchased on my iPad & my grandson has been able to play on iPhone & iPad for some time. He really enjoys playing it. Now the app won’t open on my iPhone & says “app is no longer shared”. That’s BS since I purchased it & should be able to play on both my iPad & my iPhone. Since the app won’t open on my iPhone I have no option to ‘restore purchases’. Won’t purchase any apps from this publisher in the future unless this is fixed.