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Tractor Game for Build a House is free iOS app published by Top Line Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Why isn't there any sound?


It shows that the music and sound are on but no sound!!



I love it

Refund, please and thanks.


Hi, I would like my money back. I previously purchased the 99¢ and now the $8.99 option but no added features after the download. I just purchased the $8.99 feature but no additional features were unlocked. Please return my money, thank you.

Shut off

BBs Mommy

I want to buy the game to unlock the other level for my 3 year old (HE LOVES THIS GAME). But when it's connected to wifi, it kicks us off the game and brings it back to his iPad home screen. Please fix so I can upgrade for him.

No sound


No sound on my app

Money back!!


I want the refund! I paid 2.99 and 8.99 and nothing unlock or receive anything!! My son love this game so I paid to unlock more levels and nothing happened, so I need the refund

Love it


My boys (4&2) love this game! Purchased the whole thing and had some problems but just restarted it and it works! It’s on every device.



Purchased the general package and it worked just fine. However when I purchased the $8.99 package it literally did NOTHING...



I liked it until it started to say I need to buy the other stuff.Plus, it doesn’t have any furniture!I hate it and it’s a RIP-OFF!

Shut off


Game loads and shuts of fun! Pls fix