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Tractor Game for Build a House is free iOS app published by Top Line Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Monthly subscription for a basic game? Really?


Pretty appalled at the pricing model here for such a basic game. I can understand a “one and done” charge for a game of this caliber but $3/ month.. go take a hike.

So cool

ej 4 you

Nic game

Good Idea but.....

The Great Bama

I had high hopes for this app because my 2 1/2 year old grandson loves trucks and building. And the concept is creative. But the continual need to refuel each truck and then wash it is quite repetitious. I thought it was just me, but my grandson was bored before the house was finished with the car wash part and the gas station. Especially pumping the gas over and over to fill each truck before it can go to work. The app should stick with the house building.

Son loves it but no sound

TNT Yaro

For some reason I can’t hear no sound effects or music or nothing.

2 stars


Fun game but I wish you did not have to pay for everything so therefore 2 stars. I would not recommend this app for people who don’t want to pay for everything. ( even though they advertise the app as “free”)

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Seems cool, but sound doesn't work on iPad


My 4yo is having a blast so I went ahead and paid for the first month figuring it would be fun for at least that long for him, but as many other users have stated, the sound just doesn't work. I guess I should have made sure it was working properly before I subscribed. The sound works just fine on my phone, but I kind of need my phone! Luckily the little guy wants to play on the iPad even without it. Please fix this! He's having so much fun and I know sound would make it even better.

Unlock levels subscription not working


My boy really love this game and I tried to subscribe so many times and each day still nothing is happening. Something is broken. Please fix it.