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Quit It is a tiny motivating program, supporting and encouraging smokers to quit smoking and helping ex-smokers to stay quit.
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It keeps track of the cigarettes you did not smoke and how much money you are saving. Furthermore it shows the benefits of quitting as text and calculates a nice ranking for you.


* Shows your saved money.
* Shows how much cigarettes you did not smoke.
* Define your own goals.
* Accomplish and share achievements.
* Shows the tar you did not consume.
* Shows benefits of quitting.


Good app
:) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

I personally love being able to count to the last second his long it’s been since I had a cigarette. It makes it a mental challenge for me

Great app

I look at it everyday to see how money I have saved. Incentive to never smoke again. Money saved is now spent on fun things to do etc

Simple way to keep track!

Great simple way to keep track of time and money saved since quitting, good reminder when you want to smoke just open it and look at your progress and savings. Also, the helpful reminders of typical heath and physical improvements you’ve made by that time since you’ve quit!

Great app for motivation to stay quit

Gives me the information I need to continue on as a non-smoker!! Love reaching my goals!!!

Great support when quitting!

I feel like this app was instrumental in keeping me in track with my quit, especially at first. It seems that the goals were an incentive not to smoke when one of those evil cravings struck. All in all it is still helping me stay off those nasty fags!

It works!

On of the best apps out there that motivates you when you are down with that nasty nicotine withdrawal. However, it only works if you have decided that you will not touch another cigarette again, yes the app does help, but it all comes down to your will power in the end.

Good app

I quit smoking for 8 months 8 hours and some odd minutes. This app is a way of keeping to your goals.

Dirty Vids

So, I am 25 years old and have smoked on and off for more years than I want to admit. I got braces when I got engaged and told myself for the 100th time I was going to quit and never touch a nasty cigarette again. I used Chantix to quit, which worked really well for me. However, I still have habitual cravings and it’s been 25 days nicotine free. Every time I have cravings, I take 10 deep breaths and open this app to remind myself that I don’t just feel better physically, but I’m also helping my savings account. Great app!

Wonderful Supplement!!!

This program is an excellent tool to help keep you on track with your smoking cessation goals!

Thank you!
say no to cigs

Easy to use. love how it tracks how much money I’ve saved, goes to make with that money I’ve saved and How much I’ve not smoked! I feel better already and it is so helpful and fun to utilize this app. Thank you! And good luck to all !!