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This is the free lite version of fisherman!
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Tilt your iPhone to move the fisherboat. Tap anywhere on the screen to throw the spinning rod, tap again to hall in. You'll need a good timing to catch the fishes while picking up the fishing rod.

You will earn money for each fish you catch. After each round you'll be able to upgrade your equipment. The first level you will begin with a short line, a slow spinning rod an a low line strength.

The full version contains:

* Many challenging levels.

* Catch crabs and squids or collect treasures.

* Use up to 3 lives (credits) to continue a game.

* Much more fun :-)



This game is simply dank chron as stated by fellow classmate b.murph it is one of the best games out there even though I am failing half my classes because I stay up until two in the morning playing this dank game everynight.

Fish lite game by RShoe
R shoe

Good work developer, fun , lots of fun. Keep giving us those great lite Apps So we can try them before we buy! Thanks again. A must have....

All right

It's pretty fun. When your bored.

Pretty-looking, but ugly-playing

Animation and artwork graphics are very nicely done on this one. Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn't match up. Progression is too simplistic: You don't really have an option to not spend money on upgraded equipment, because the very next level requires stronger fishlines etc. to accomplish the next goals. And the inability to save progress is a major turnoff.

Preety cool

It's cool

Can't save :(

I love this game! And in wud buy the reg. If I cud save!! hint hint

Start all over

Ok it makes me so mad that I can't save progress!!!I work hard get a high a score then I gave to start all over again.please make an update that u cab play from were you left of or retry the level.

It fun...needs updates

I like! It's fun and addictive..... But it needs a lot of work!!!!! Some updates are good! If you could save more fish and if the fish could keep coming that would be wonderful!!!!!

I liked it but...

There could be another level or 2 even if it is the lite version. still fun though


This is the best fishen app ev



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