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Magic Xylo Lite - learn to play xylophone

Magic Xylo is not only a casual xylophone. It magically shows you what to touch to play a song. Within minutes you can play "all my ducklings", "Cuckoo, Kuckoo", "Brother John".
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You can also change the sound of your xylophone to tinkle bell, marimba, or wood block.

Works like expected: you can slide over the xylophone as well as play several tones simultaneously.

No sound? Please double check "silent mode" and volume settings. This app respects the ringer mute switch and the ringer volume.


Pretty decent for free

The sound is ok but it glitches sometimes. Needs more octaves, but hey, it's free


I'm so glad that my xylo is now free.

Like the price

Appreciate the free price. Thanks!

it does what it's supposed to

it's a little like the mini piano, if you like that kind of stuff then it's great but it's madd boring after a couple of minutes. oh, and the quality of when your rolling up and down the xylophone clashes

Good Xylophone

This is a good app


It's not making any sound...... >:(

Bad app

Makes a static noise when you slide up or down

Sound please

Why won't it make noise

#1 Wrestling Fan

As a percussionist, I downloaded this app thinking it would be fun. However, it's nothing like a real xylo. For starters, a real xylo has sharp keys similar to the black keys on a piano. This does not. Bad app.

Magicxylo free


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