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Plants vs. Zombies is paid iOS app published by PopCap

Love game, but....


Please fix the crash in the mini game 'Portal Combat.' Right before the portals relocate, it kicks me out of game every time on ios9. Love this game, but needs to be an update to fix this.



On iOS 9.3.1 it crashes



Love this game!!! Cures the blues, but it's crashing when in Mini Games during the portal relocation.

Awesome, but..


Ive loved this game for probably 5 years and im just getting it again. But whenever i play story mode it crashes on level 2-4!! Otherwise 5 stars!! Please fix! This game is too good to be crashing all the time!!!!



Keeps you entertained and on your toes, but story mode keeps crashing it.

please fix portal combat!!!


I really want to give this game 5 stars, but I have one major gripe: Every time I try to play the extra game Portal Combat, this app crashes. I have never been able to play that game once through the end. No other level of Plants v. Zombies causes the game to crash. Please fix!!!!

Amazing but crashes


I always used to play this game on of. So I bought it and the expectation withheld, but on some of the minigames caused the game to crash. Still is a smart buy with people who both do and don't have a lot of time

I love this game buuuut


It crashes on one of the mini games (portal combat) every time!!! It's been doing it for awhile and unfortunately there has been no update. They were able to update pvz2 which is free but unable to update this one which costs money? Seriously???? As I said this game is great but I'm extremely disappointed that I'm unable to play the entire game ?

such a masterpiece BUT


it can use an update for 2016 and also it's such a great game & a classic but it's way too short and easy. I would love many more levels. pvz2 is way too pay to win. this one is classic and deserves more levels please



I loooooooove it