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Plants vs. Zombies is paid iOS app published by PopCap


Jiggly Puffington

game crashes every time I try to play the regular game mode. Started happening as soon as I got the item that digs up graves. Please fix and I will re rate 5 stars. Game is awesome! I want to play but I can't!!!



Popcap I love your game. The IAP are understandable but plz in the next update you need to add survival endless. I'm a huge fan of PvZ, not PvZ2 (a terrible sequel to a wonderful game). I also have this game on PC and love it. Keep adding great stuff. Survival endless next update, thanks.

Post iOS 9 update


Okay, they fixed most of the bugs. A very addictive game and I love playing certain games over and over. Still a couple of bugs. When the portals try to move in portal combat the game crashes. You also can't save the game in last stand endless. Kinda defeats the whole endless thing. At least stinky is repaired and working the garden again. I think it needs a feedback option. Fix the problems and I'll move it back to 5 stars.

Good but keeps Glitching

lol hucksters

So whenever I play a game and leave I came back and click adventure but it glitches me out I relapsed the app and restarted by phone but still won't work

What's goin on?


Every time I play portal combat when the portals relocate the game shuts down n restarts. What's up??



Awwwwsome!!! Best game I've ever played on iphone!! Although the app closes itself whenever I play "portal combat". Please fix it.

Great game, but some bugs that NEED to be fixed


I love this game, but there are things that need fixing. When I play portal combat, the whole app crashes when I get the the first portal shuffle. One more bug is when you exit the level, the menu tells you your progress has been saved, but when you press continue, you are forced to restart the level. Thanks for reading!



Fun, but there's a glitch on portal combat. The game keeps crashing. Please fix it Popcap.

Great but not stable


Amazing game, fun and challenging, however: 1) App crashes on Portal mini game during portal relocation. "Sol Invictus" achievement does not work preventing this mini game completion. 2) Completed the last stand with 2125 gold 3 times but the achievement was not granted (need 2000+). Using iPhone 6 Plus.

Deez Nuts

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