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Plants vs. Zombies is paid iOS app published by PopCap

In need of some developer love


This gameplay holds up well years after being originally released. However, EA/Popcap have abandoned this game and not fixed major bugs. The portal minigame crashes every. single. time! EA can't milk players for money like they can with Plants vs. Zombies 2 so they let a legendary game rot due to neglect.

Great Game, But...

Glass Chroma Glacio

Updating my review from a few years ago to reflect the game now. On the most recent iPod Touch, the Portal Combat minigame seems to be impossible, as the app crashes every time the portal relocates. That's the only problem I've come across so far, but I will be reducing my rating from 5 to 4 stars since I can't 100% the game as it is. Still a fantastic game though that I've gotten many hours of playtime out of.

Great game


It's me again. I'm sorry I posted this so late it's Bc I had 20 games requested to review. Well this is a fun game. It's challenging. For those of u that want games get harder and harder this is the game for u. Five stars.

Great game


Much better than the sequel

Reduced until crash is fixed


Just to bring awareness to the developer, I'm reducing to one star until the portal combat crash is fixed. I don't greatly appreciate starting over or the new advertisement every time I open the app either. Otherwise it remains one of my favorite iPhone games ever.

PVZ= very addictive


Portal crashes every time when the portals relocate. Was 5 stars but now I can't complete the last mini game since it keeps crashing so 1 star for a product that is unplayable.

Portal combat crashes at first change.


C'mon Popcap! Fix this stinking bug already! The app crashes in portal combat right after the first portal change.

Ads in an app I bought to have no ads???


1 star until the app stops loading an advertisement when I open it. I paid for NO ADS. No ads is what should still be happening. Old review: Fun game. Glad developers finally fixed it for iOS 9. 4 stars because it's very slow to load on a 6s. It was faster in my iPhone 5. Glad it's back. Wish they would make a new PVZ like this instead of the 2nd round.

Don't pay for anything.


All items were removed in an update. So long theives. I'll remember your name.

Zen garden not working


My zen garden isn't producing coins, and it won't let me water/spray my plants! What's up?