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Plants vs. Zombies is paid iOS app published by PopCap

Horrible Game (I would put 0 stars if it was possible)


This game keeps crashing at level 2-6. I went to delete the game and then reinstall it and all of my data was gone. I wasted $10 on this horrible game. It's fun to play when it actually works. I should have my $10 back.

Love this game!


Great game! I have been playing this game for a few years, and it is still fun! ***Please fix the problem with the app crashing. App crashes every time I play "portal combat" and the portals are about to move.***

Very fun at first, but...


I recently update my phone, and now, whenever I click adventure mode, it crashes. I've tried many things like turning my phone on and off, resetting it, and closing out of app and reopening it. Nothing works, which is really disappointing considering that before I updated my phone, it worked great and I loved it, but now, it doesn't work at all. Also, I payed for this, soooo... And I find it rude that I payed for this and I still have to see adds. I will rate this 5 stars if they fix crashing problem. 9000 stars if they remove adds on the full version. THAT YOU PAY FOR!!! Btw, that's just rude.

Portal Mini Game Crashes


I can't complete all the achievements because the portal mini game crashes every time!

Portal Combat

Starbucks 18

love the game except in Portal Combat when the portal relocates the game crashes. other than it's a great game. please fix.

Crashing on mini games

Awesome iPad rocks

Whenever I play the portal mini game and it starts "recalibrating portals" for the first time the app crash this has happened the last 7 times I have tried playing, game is fun but this needs to be fixed

Would be 5 stars if not for bugs.


I'm not sure what happened, but I've played older versions of this game, and it was massively fun. Please fix the problems where the endless levels don't restart from the beginning every time you leave. Also, the game crashes on the portal combat level whenever the portals relocate. Please fix, and make PvZ great again.



It crashed any time I play the mini game portal combat. It always crashes as it tries to switch portals.

Good people, good games.


PopCap is a great organization. They are great people who know how to have fun and get stuff done at the same time. They make great unique games because of this. 10/10.

What's up with level 2-6?

Espio bro

There must be a bad bug in the system because anytime I re-download the app it always crashes at level 2-6 and I can't play it anymore because of that. Fix this soon please.