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Plants vs. Zombies is paid iOS app published by PopCap

Super Satisfied

Vic Kev

I have played this game for a long time, but then I got a new phone and all I saw was MISSING A, B, C, or D. It was soooooo annoying. But they finally updated and fixed the problem. I'm so very happy and satisfied with this game and new update. Thank you



PvZ...... IT CRASHES OFTEN. iPhone 5c Please fix this crashing issue ASAP. I get PvZ is out but dont forget about the ORIGINAL

Crashes too much


I love this game but every time I go to play it I have to reopen the app 6 times before it will actually work. It crashes more often then it works. It makes me sad because it truly is a fun game, I just wish it worked all the time.

Crashing Every Time I Tap Adventure

Filthy Animal

All of a sudden, every time I tap Adventure to get into the gameplay the whole app crashes. I'd give it 5* if I could actually play it.



This game is amazing! I'm not sure how you can improve it more. It's been crashing a lot though. Could you please fix that, please?

Awesome but...


This game is amazing. I have purchased it on 2 other devices and absolutely love it. The only down side is, is that it crashes when I want to advance to the next level. It will only allow me to play mini games which is nice, but I'm only in the 2 stage so I have 5,000 coins which means I can't buy any of the mini games :(. This game is simply amazing but I want to app crashing to be fixed so I can beat it. Other than that, 5 stars from me :).

App crashes on 2-6 in Adventure Mode

Moonstruck Muse

This game isn't playable anymore, at least on adventure mode, as it crashes when you try to load into level 2-6. This happens on my iPone 5, iOS 8.4. I love PvZ and have it both here and on Steam. I was super excited to see the Zen Garden added to the iOS game. But it is absolutely RIDICULOUS how now the game advertises other EA games! Not to mention the in-app purchases! I paid for this app and shouldn't have to deal with this!

Nice game but...

Ant goblue

This app would get 5 stars but the biggest problem is the crashing everytime I hit Adventure Mode. 80% of the time it crashes and the other 20%, it works. Please fix this bug and you will have a 5 star rating.


Hardcore Henry

This game is awesome I have played it many times as im installing it now from some years it's on my Ds Lite????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



I love this game and I have played it for a long time but every time I try to do another adventure LV or a mini game it crashes and I would like it if you fixed it! I also would like it if you made it so the zombies drop coins 1% or 3% more often! Thanks for listening to my review! ? VS ?ombies