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Plants vs. Zombies is paid iOS app published by PopCap

So addictive, but...


Still a little trouble with the app crashing periodically. In particular, I can't play the Portal Combat minigame because the app crashes when the portals relocate. Every single time.

App closes in "Portal Combat"

Josh -5

This game is amazing! My only issues is that the app closes when the portals move in "Portal Combat"

Portal Combat


Please fix the portal combat to where it doesn't crash when the portals relocate, that is the only level I haven't beaten on mine. It would be a five star game if this was fixed.



I love this game!! it is so fun!!! keep adding more plants and zombies!!!?☠my friends and I have so much fun!!!!

Portal relocation causes app to crash


In portal combat, the game seems to work fine until the portals start to relocate, then the app crashes. Other than that and a few bugs, the game works fine.

Game save


An iCloud or Facebook save file would have me 5 star this game. The game is great on many levels. However, my son deleted it and I will not play through a second time.



This is a great game, totally worth the $0.99. However, the game keeps crashing when I try to play the portal mini game :( please fix this!



Freezes on portal level every time.

Great when it doesn't crash


I love this game, really, I do. But it keeps crashing on me! I have the latest software and everything, yet it still crashes when I try to play certain levels. What the hell, PopCap?!

App crashes and does not save.


It's a great game but it crashes a lot now and does not save games anymore.