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Monument Valley is paid iOS app published by ustwo Games Ltd

Augh! SO MUCH EASIER than Monument 1. 😑


I am so disappointed in how easy this game was. I completed it in no time at all... Yes, the graphics are really nice, but even the graphics don’t come anywhere near as great as Monument 1. If you’re considering buying this, but haven’t played Monument 1, forget this one. Buy Monument 1. This one is frankly a waste of $ - unless they drop the price to under a dollar. It *might* be worth it at that price, if you’re not looking for much of a challenge, but rather something to just relax with. Even the sounds & music in this one is disappointing!

Too short


Would have given a 5 star if the game was any longer. I finished in one day though that might be because I’m addicted.



I love the storyline about a young girl who embarks in an adventure to save her people. I love the fact it is outside the box. It is an original idea . Words can’t describe the game it is that good. Highly recommend

Not worth the $


I bought the package deal with both MV 1 & 2 included, and yes, both were intriguing to play, and the story was a fun add-in, but I finished both games in 1 day? I should have saved my money.

Bad game


Idas dream restarts each time I log off


Rapsak 100

This game is SO AMAZING I love it every thing about it and also thanks for making a second one. Please make a third one it would be so GOOD also I already beat every level on both mv and mv2 and I always play the levels over and over and OVER again and I NEVER get tired of playing it because this game is a perfect balance between the atmosphere and the gameplay macanics, the only thing that I want to improve is the amount of levels because there only a total of 19 levels and in the second game only 14. Still this is an AMAZING GAME and again add more levels and please add a third game, it would be AMAZING and thank you for these amazing games

Play it more than once!


I have played this game all the way through twice. I noticed so many more things the second time through and still couldn't remember all the tricks for solving. The soundtrack on iTunes is really nice. I loved this game just as much (or maybe more) than the original Monument Valley.



This game is just so pretty with the music, sound effects and visuals. The Escher physics are awesome and bend your mind in a different way. This game is relaxing and fun. Definitely worth it.

Love it but more levels pls

Guinea Katie

Beautiful designs but as my title says^^^

More levels?

1 star persononononon

I love this game. The graphics and soundtrack are perfect, very relaxing of a game. I understand that each level probably takes a really long time to make, but are there more? How many levels are in monument valley 2?

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