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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.



Alright, I like how I can post pictures, but I can't put a video on my account. It just crashes, I also get logged out of my second account and it bothers me. Oh, this is just a preference but I like the old Instagram icon.

Black & White


I don't care for the black and white format now. It's very bland.

Fix it soon


I love the app but randomly it'll say I've been logged off and the password might've been changed but then I am able to log back in without reseting anything Device: iPhone 6


Littl glchi

Change the appearance

Chronological order

Chronological order

Chronological order ! Put it back!



Only thing I don't like is that every time my phone goes to sleep the ap resets itself to going back to the most recent image so that if I want to go back in I have to scroll through multiple images I've already seen before I get back to the place I left off.

Networking at its finest!


Love it! Perfect way to network!


Isaiah sir Dom

I love IG. I do wish they wouldn't put so many ads for games, It's too frequent which makes you want to get off.

Fun app


Lots of good times on here, literally. Depictions of good times. Lots. Too much, maybe? Just don't follow people you find annoying and you're golden!! The ads can be a bit intrusive but then again so is social media in general!



So great!!!!!