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Discover page

dave hates instagram now

Discover page is now your timeline which is most useless crap ever if you thought this was a good idea find that person fire them deleting the app after years of using it



Nice app

Absolutely crap


My app keeps crashing. I’ve been on it off and on all day. Then all of a sudden it keeps crashing. It’s been working fine... except when I go report an ultra conservative for spreading misinformation on posts. It keeps crashing and I can’t report the post. Like Instagram would actually take anything down. Safety is a joke. Fix the crashing problem and fix white supremacy problem too


Dalana J.

I personally think Instagram is awesome, and lots of fun :))

New Update

meow darling

Please add search in the conversation.. like search for a word

Love it but not the new update


The new update is difficult to navigate, I wish it would go back to how it was



I love it is the more used app for me insta=life ,please follow @jinnjinns goods pic and followback and likes ;)

Report system


Is there any way to report an account with screenshot proof? Someone clearly left a hate comment during ins live, but as I tried to report them, the feedback still says “didn’t go against guidelines” which is just...🤦

Instagram is wonderful


Thank you for letting me post my beautiful memories!



Better than Facebook lol