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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Where is the fav


This update is so bad,can not find the fav,pls fix the bugs

Can’t see licked pictures or videos any more

1997Dallas Tx

Y I can’t see my licked pictures an videos no more on instagram all of a sudden it’s gone that’s crazy to me



after i exit out of dms, my messages w them and their messages w me would disappear. i never have vanish mode on either. how can you fix this?

Add Yours Isn’t Working


I used to have an Instagram account until it was hacked twice. After the second time I decided it was best to delete my account. After my account permanently deleted I made a new account. I re-followed everyone and all that. After, on one of my friend’s stories they had an Add Yours on it. I used to love using the Add Yours feature so I decided to click on it. It wasn’t working and it wouldn’t let me add it to my story. Then I tried to find the sticker on create mode but it didn’t show. I would like to use the Add Yours feature again. I have updated the app and deleted it and logged back in again and nothing will work. Don’t understand how this worked on my old account but not my new one. ??‍♀️

Why It Keeps Closing?


This is so frustrating!. Why does the app all of a sudden shut down and I am at my home page on my phone. This happens a lot. One time,I had to redo the post that I was working on.



Try to make it business



I say it's awesome because it makes it pretty easy to find interests that you like & follow posts from those interests. It'd be nice though if we could post more than 10 pictures at once like facebook does or even let you have more options on edits you can do to pictures or even videos you post. All in all though it's pretty awesome to use.

Love it

Female type "Action" Jack

Great app




Too many fraudulent companies advertising


Instagram allows too many fraudulent companies/stores/boutiques to advertise on their platform. People around the world are losing thousands of dollars because of this. Don’t trust Instagram. If they allow this, it’s their fault.