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A Buggy Release


For weeks I've had an issue with the "You" portion of my activity feed. This feed no longer loads. I've deleted and reinstalled the app, both over wifi and cellular connection, and I've restarted my phone as suggested by Instagram. Nothing has resolved the issue. All of the help pages keep saying that a fix is coming, but it's been weeks now, and there is still no fix to be found. I've also noticed that almost everyone I follow no longer shows up in my feed. Instead, I have posts from the same few people everyday. I much prefer the chronological version because I don't want to be bombarded with posts from the popular accounts that I follow. I want to see the pictures that my friends are posting as well. Until my app is in working condition, Instagram gets two stars.

I dont like the new update


This new update s*cks. Cronological order is waaayyy better because you can make sure you're seeing every picture from people you follow. Now everything is so much harder ?

I can't download it


I need answers please it won't download no mater how many times I try so please help and now I have to use it on my tablet

Why would you do this?????!!!!!! ?


This is absolutely outrageous! If i could give this app negative stars, I totally would. WHY THE F*UCK WOULD YOU USE THIS SH*TTY ALGORITHM?????!!!!!! I see no point in this, nobody everyone hates it. And it's annoying seeing a picture posted 15 hours ago be on the top of my feed. AT LEAST GIVE US THE OPTION TO TURN IT OFF!!!! I check my instagram once every 4 hours on average and i do not miss a single post. And plus thats what post notifications are for, if u really obsessed with not missing post from a specific account, turn on posy notifications. This is making so mad. Congratulations Instagram , you f*cked up!!!! ????

Great app


Awesome app

chronological order


It pains me to have to write a 2 star review for an app I use probably HOURLY. I am a millennial constantly on my phone, but Instagram is something I've been loyal to and faithful since its birth. I love the new design, it's a fresh look to an app that has millions of users. And although I'm not opposed to this new algorithm, I also do not appreciate going through my feed and not seeing what everyone is posting or time hopping between a picture that was posted 5 hours ago then scrolling down to a picture posted 11 minutes ago. I probably follow 500 people but I don't want to add push notifications to all 500 of them. If Instagram could please listen to us and add the option to where the users can choose to have an algorithm feed or chronological feed, I think many users would be very happy again. Sincerely, Someone who never writes reviews....ever

A little change

Marcy Egyed

I like Instagram white it looks better more mature. But I think that it needs a little change with the bio. It should have more letters (1,000) and an option on font, size, if it should be the the left, Right, middle, and I think you should be allowed to have your profile picture larger so that way when you want to follow someone and they look at your picture to see if they remember you, they might not be able to tell who it is and they might say no. So please make the profile picture larger. And also. When ever I get a like, comment, dm, follower, or someone posts a picture of me while I am on the Instagram app, can you make it buzz a little so that way I know that I have a notification. Thank you so much for reading this! Bye!

Watching videos

R u srs ig

I literally can't watch a video that anyone posts without it pausing ever .5 seconds and i can't ever get through a whole video. It's the most annoying thing I've ever experienced



Y'all really need to get rid of the comment block stuff. I can't even enjoy commenting without getting blocked for hours. What's the point of social media if we can't utilize it.


Alberto Mercedes

You guys are the best that best..