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My account has been hacked, the person who stole my account even put their own picture for the profile, I have sent numerous emails and requests to Instagram and all they have done is send password recovery for my new account. They refuse to delete the obviously stolen account and will not do any more than send password recovery for the wrong account. Zero stars for Instagram due to their lack of support and protection from hackers

Step your game up IG


Let's start with the (Cons) 1 Constant crashing 2 Load Delay 3 Glitch central Than the (pros) 1 design 2 navigation This app is supreme of the cons. I just didn't want to put more than three. I have a tip for the developers "Update what really matters (bugs) and leave the design on the side as an add on ... CRASH CITY



i absolutely hate that the order of the posts i see is no longer chronological. i used to love instagram and now it just annoys me. fix it please.

The best


I love it

Jess does not like the logo


Why did you change a uniquely creative classic design to this new very common design? Please change it back!!!

Change the Icon!!!


I loved the old icon, but I hate this one. Please change it.

good stuff


keep it up

Tags does not work


My posts does not show up in the tags I put in. Please fix

Kind of irritated


I love the new look for Instagram. But I've been dealing with problems and I'm hoping you guys can fix it . So sometimes when I go onto a video it will play the first couple of seconds then it glitches and stops the whole video. If you guys can fix this I will gladly appreciate it. When you guys do I will most definitely give you 5 stars.

The Best Photo Network; App is Okay..


Overall this platform is amazing. I love Instagram and what it does for people to share any level of photography. The app is OK. The good: - fast - dm features are great - user name search and auto fill - cleaner UI ? - built-in editor is great - granular notification control - 3D touch features The bad: - sharing images from other apps requires an extra step to select "copy to Instagram" that I've yet to see other apps need to do - icon badge only for DMs and mentions/tags doesn't make sense; should follow notification preferences! - likes are not shown in badge - likes are not consolidated into one notification item; maybe when N number of like notifications are received it should consolidate into one notification banner per photo or one banner for N number of total likes The Ugly: - the icon, literally any of the icons shown in the update video shared on your site would have been better than this thing. Maybe invert the rainbow and white to look more like the design of your Layout and Hyperlapse apps. - Watch app is utterly broken and non-functional, even after updating or re-installing.