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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Fix it.


Keeps freezing and DMs are glitching.

Search history doesn't clear!


Every time I clear my search history it comes back. It clears at first, but if I close the app and come back to it, my search history that I cleared comes back. ANNOYING

change icon back ?!!


I don't like the icon ?? it's just so ugly and now when you like a picture or video it takes five years for the heart to turn red ? change it back. Everything else is okay I love the white borders and stuff but please change the two everyone hates about it

Terrible-0 stars


"What was once a beautiful, simple thriving community has been choked to death by greed. Avoid this terrible ap like the plague." Congrats, you ruined Instagram.

Love Instagram


You are the best , I post a lot but I don't get a lot of likes but I always like and comment to the friends. I post Christian and flowers and odds and ends. I know I am not popular but I just keep posting and maybe one day. I do notice that most wants you to follow them and like without a response . Like the world we live in today . Thank you all for Instagram! ??????????I cannot imagine why anyone can complain about a free app. I really enjoy Instagram . Keep up the good work sweet people.????????????????

Update = Poop

Google Host

enough said.

What is this


The update is awful it looks like a unicorn ate lucky charms but puked up the marshmallows after they were dissolved by its rainbow stomach acid, then ate it and farted it out into a bowl of melted skittles mixed with m&m shells. It's bad. Also having the option for a chronological feed would be nice.


Bailey is my pon pon

I love Instagram so much it was one of the best apps. But with the new update for the icon it went down hill. I can never find the app anymore and it is just too colorful.... Other then the icon I love the app.

Ugly Logo, ugly algorithm.


If I wanted an algorithm I would have opened Facebook. You have become a data digger sell out. Your logo is absolutely hideous. Period. No telling what you're using your algorithm for.



This is the only app you will ever need. But i hated when they changed the logo. So much better before!