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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Will’s review


I love this app for sharing and viewing photos. I have so much fun with it! It is great staying connected with folks.

Access to photos and camera removed suddenly


Access to photos and camera was removed suddenly and resetting privacy settings and access settings was not clear cut

Not working


This app is not letting me sign up because of an open proxy and I don’t even know what that is so I need to fix ur app n website

Is IG the new Facebook?

Ella Sirchia

Covered in ads. You can’t scroll beyond 3 names without ads popping on your face. Over and over again. I gave up Facebook for that exact reason. Also - the new design took away the button where you see the feed to now seeing ads for buying and selling. Impossible to figure out what + to press to add a post or story. UI took a deep dive. This is making it easier to leave the platform. So thank you?



WAY too many fake profiles! I am CONSTANTLY receiving message requests from bots/scammers. How or why they keep randomly adding me to these random group chats is beyond me but I’m sick of it! This happens multiple times per day EVERY DAY! IG really needs to crack down on/purge these fake accounts because this is ridiculous!

Shopping Tab???


Ive been an instagram user for the past 9 years, and I’ve always gotten used to the updates as they’ve come. I just updated my app, however, and found that my activity tab has been replaced by one for shopping? I can no longer see who is liking my pictures or new followers. I dont even shop on instagram! This is by far the worst feature I have seen added to this app. I know its apart of a beta test but I wish there was some way to go back. I am very disappointed

Hard for me!!!


I can’t get the hang of it😞

Older was better


The older version of Instagram is way better with layout and algorithm being superior before all the new changes not to mention all the scammers and accounts that continue the break the rules and guidelines Instagram got popular because of it’s simplicity and easy to use system the new system and layout is hard to navigate and sometimes even frustrating

Looking for new options

Zack Krupp

I want Instagram to be great but they went Hollywood. They think they have the base and can just change all the rules. But when the next platform is established the good creators will jump ship. I used to get 150-160 likes a picture on average. The last 3...17-40!! I post 5-10 stories a day and I get 90-120 views. Just blatantly not showing content to push ads? Partner Facebook..1600 friends. Stories 200-350 views. Today’s post 5 likes. Leaving when I can. Algorithms & censorship ruining you guys.

try again later


this issue has been popping up where i can't refresh my page without a notification saying “we limit how often you can do certain things” i deleted the app and reinstalled it MULTIPLE times ans the same issue has been popping. FIX THIS NOW.