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InShot - Video Editor is free iOS app published by SHANTANU PTE. LTD.

Maybe choose sponsors whose ads don’t render your app useless


Kind of defeats the purpose, if I could actually get past the ad and continue using the app I would normally rate it 4 stars but since I can’t use it due to your cheap sponsors it’s not possible

Download now is great

Suany Cruz

The best app to edit videos. I am loving it. If you are a started on YouTube or Instagram I recommend this app for you, and the best thing is that is free. ❤️


Pokémon go finder

So every time I go to put text in my video it starts lagging the app up so the text will be popping up at the wrong spots and also I won’t allow me to export it and when I delete the text I can export it plz fix this I hate having to go to other apps just to put text in my videos Also if you can add more text effects and different transitions for text



My fav app ?

Love this app!


Very easy to use.

Not good for Reels or Tiktoks


This all is terrible for editing videos for reels and tiktoks. It goes a weird bored on the left and right sides of the video. I just want to edit my video in the normal crop without borders. Also, then you download it, it comes with a watermark. All of this is really bad for the algorithms.


im obsessed with it

Well I think this app is amazing for editing pretty much anything, And I use this app often to make little video’s and stuff, And yeah, I would recommend this. ??

Editing witch InShot


Editing with it it’s easy and so good I think InShot is the best app that I edit with it it’s great

Highly recommend!!!


So far i been using imovie to edit everything but it lacked so much options. Inshot really gave me ALOT more options than imovie. Even though I use the free version, its more than enough tools to edit and I’m super happy with it. Of course there’s a paid version that unlocks everything but I’m good with this one:)

Zero Star Not Available

no paper today

This app is not user friendly or intuitive. Definitely not for beginners. I am so sad I did this and want to get all parts of this out of my iphone!